Anyone on paxil

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by seithkein, May 8, 2008.

  1. seithkein

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    Hi everyone, I'm new here. anyway for the last few days i have been taking paxil 10mg, and i have been feeling suicidal a lot. I like it though. The medecine is like giving me courage to finally have the ball to off myself. I'm serious. A couple of weeks ago, i would be terrified of death, but now, it doesn't seem that bad because how bad can death be if you don't even know that you're dead.
  2. nagisa

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    If it is making you more suicidal I hope you decide to be taken off Paxil. If it's not helping, why continue to take it? :unsure:
  3. fromthatshow

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    Yea I agree.
    I tried paxil and I felt like shit on it.
  4. kittyD

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    I'm on Paxil 30 mg a day. I've never had a problem with it, but like the others say, if its not helping, get it changed.
  5. carol2237

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    I have never been on it, but if it is making you suicidal, you need to go back to the doctor and tell him/her that. *huggles* Hang in there sweety