Anyone suicidal due to lack of friends?

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sometimes my lack of friends makes me feel a lot worse cos i have no one immediately to talk to and when i feel alone, i feel terrible


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i have no friends but i do have sf friends and they mean the world to me now the strength i get from them is amazing its the reason im still around today
No, I'm suicidal because of my speech impediment and lack of hair. Anyway, I could use some more good friends too... the way my life is going now I don't think I'll see my 29th birthday in November.


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I rather lack friends because i'm depressed and feel bad, for other reasons mostly (physical defects, terrific self-image). It would be impossible for me to have a social life while my spirit is so ill, it does condition every meeting, chat, always have to fake-smile and lately i can't even do that. People feel how you are and avoid depressed ones. That's a dog who bites its tail and it is a hard guess how to exit from this situation. The best solution would be finding friends who have serious problems, like strong depression etc. but since the few ones who are in the mood fake it and want to keep some sort of appearence, that is not easy.


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yes. i think the reason i dont have any friends is because
of me. and i dont know why or how im doing it.
and if its not me, and due to crappy circumstances
in an uneventful life, either way it doesnt matter.


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I have no one whatsoever.I texted a guy there that texted me last week saying he wanted to meet me.He didnt know who i was and when i told him he didnt answer.
I go out no one looks at me
No one talks to me .people who know me pretend they dont see me.I have a feeling my real mother lives near by but I cant prove it
Im not psychotic nor am I deluded .Im depressed and high yeah but Im not crazy by any means
Im single ,no one approaches me ,if I speak to someone they either laugh into my face ,turn their back on me or are outright rude.
I see other people with loads of friends and they are horrible :spaz:


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I dont no if the lack of friends makes me suicidal. I think my looks first triggered the depression a few years ago. then some other things arose, and with time I developed a few anxiety disorders/phobia(mainly to do with social or being around others).

Very rarely I will want a friend, most of the time I find other people and the things they talk about to be too triggering so i just avoid the whole situation and make up a world in my head.


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yes. It's the main reason why I feel so depressed the whole fucking time... I'm feeling like killing myself right now just to stop that loneliness feeling, it's the worst thing that can happen...


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Trust Yourself and intuition about your goals. I am suicidal due to having too many friends. all they do is hurt your even more.
I wish I had more friends for sure.. I could but its just really hard for me to connect with people and keep a relationship going. Everything seems to fizzle out or I can't live up to peoples expectations. No one really knows me at all. Its a terrible feeling.


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Ipushed all my friends away over twenty years ago.. I have been in total isolation ever since..The only people I come in contact with are Doctors, Therapist, Pharmacy, And the girl at the check out line at the grocery store..Thats it..
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