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Anyone taken fluoxetine (prozac)?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by malamute, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. malamute

    malamute Member

    Hi, Has anyone ever taken fluoxetine for depression? I was taking it for a while last year and it really helped dull the pain and stop my thoughts racing, but eventually my mind became clear and so I came off the drug as it wasnt helping anymore. Now I'm so depressed I'm thinking of taking it again hoping that while I'm adjusting to it I'll go numb again. Just wondered if anyone else had taken the drug and if it helped/helps them?
  2. Zooty

    Zooty Active Member

    I'm on it and it really helps. Spent 6 months on it last year then came off it and a few bad things happned so got put back on it. Just lets me function really and stops me from freaking out about insignificant things.

    Hope that helps :) i do reccomend it if your having trouble and it seemed to work for you before.
  3. malamute

    malamute Member

    Thanks for that. Yeah, it did work but only before my body got used to it. The things they warn you about with anti-depressants was what I liked - the numbness and slowness. It was such a relief.
  4. erjan

    erjan Active Member

    Fluoxetine was among the worst meds I ever got on. My suicidal thoughts grew from being thoughts to a real longing for death, with plans and the like...
  5. Parvolex

    Parvolex New Member

    Worst drug i've ever been on. The suicidal thoughts were more, and the self-harm grew more. And I lost weight incredibly.