Anyone with bipolar II taking SSRI?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by VALIS, Dec 21, 2007.

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    My psych wants to switch me off Wellbutrin because I'm having insomnia hardcore that's not responding to my anxiety med or melatonin plus I have breakthrough depression for like a day at a time maybe 4 times a month, plus hell of bad pms, and its causing relationship and work strain...anyways

    He wants to put me on an SSRI, probably zolaft or prozac....and I'm already taking 200 mg Lamictal daily-

    is anyone with a more depressive kind of bipolar disorder taking SSRI's in addition to mood stabilizers? what is your experience and would you recommend this?
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    Having been diagnosed as bipolar NOS (non-specific) over 10 years ago I can tell you that if you are in fact bipolar on any scale, SSRI's are POISON.
    After 3 days on ANY SSRI you would feel strange, possibly violent. The U.S. handbook for psychiatrists' only gets updated every 14 years. That means all the knowledge, clinical trials etc. only get updated that often. They check from time to time for spelling errors, but that's it.:mad:

    I had an allergic reaction to lamactal & the other poisons they've fed me.
    Maybe there's some help for bipolar, but in my case-NOT. ALL of the drugs have side effects & addiction as an added plus. I'm not advising you to not take medication; only to realize the ramifications of same.

    Speaking for myself only, I refuse to be an experiment or part of the numbers for any given drug company-i.e. Pfizer, Merck, etc. It's their job to make sure that every single one of us is prescribed one or more drugs that they produce for dry eyes to limp dicks.
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    I agree, and its nauseating. when everyone is on a cocktail shelling out money to the drug companies they'll have what they want- legalized addiction of a captive society.... my case, hypocritical or not, I prefer to be on "poisons" as you put it, seeing this as preferential to death. I can understand where somebody who has strain in their life but wants a pill to cure it rather than dealing, that this is the target market. But for me, friend, I would rather be drugged out on pills than going back to catatonia- I didn't like it there very much.

    I'm only living now because of these pills and due to finding some sort of spiritual guidance and if they can get me out of bed than I don't care what they do to my body. Better than death or coma.
    A year ago I was laying in bed all day, maybe functioning for a couple hours every afternoon, unable to work or go to school, gaining weight due to inactivity, no friends, family hated me....this year I have a b average at an extremely competitive university, a great part time job, a boyfriend, and a healthy exercise I realize what you're saying about idealism but until you have been to a place where its not worth it to breathe you just do it because you don't have energy to stop...I'm not a tool of the drug companies I'm just trying to stay alive

    oh and i edited this because I sounded abrasive, but looking up at my initial post I can see where the symptoms I was describing sound kind of trivial, or at least workable- no worries
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    As long as you're taking a mood stabiliser type thing, an activating anti-depressant would in theory help lift your mood and make you feel more awake. I was put on Zoloft on it's own though, and I just went completely off (bad crazy agitation/manic/horrible) and was doing stupid things in public...and prozac made me have panic attacks and I was very agitated.

    I hope it helps.
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    I was on Prozac for a bit, didn't have a good effect, but that was before i was diagnosed bipolar so wasn't taking a mood stabilizer. I'm on 300lamictal and 25mg seraquel now, and ativan as needed
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    i was taking celexa lamictal and abilify. i recommend the celexa over prozac. but thats just me. everyone has different reactions to different things
    good luck with whaatever helps. and make sure to keep in contact til you do fins what works for you/
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    cool, thanks guys

    My doctor took me off the Wellbutrin so now all I'm taking is 250 mg lamictal daily. I've noticed an extreme fatigue since stopping the Wellbutrin. He decided to not put me on an SSRI due to the 2 bad experiences I had with Paxil and Prozac 9 years ago.
    I don't know if the fatigue is related to this mild sore throat and upset stomach I'm coming down with or if it's going to take some getting used to being off the W, but I hate being sleepy all the time and would rather be sleepless and anxious with the W than drowsy all day. I don't know what I'm going to do....