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  1. PitchDespair

    PitchDespair Well-Known Member

    does anyone ever feel

    like such shit. that they don't like anything around them. they don't know why they chose that. why can't we be happy? I'm sick of being sad, quiet, pissed and emotionless. I wish I could leave the planet sometimes. I wish I can find my love so I can live again. Everything around me is wrong. I keep making same old mistakes..nothing ever goes my way...I'm fed up with being a pile of shit...I don't even have no motivation to socialize; which my doctor recommended nor the motivation to do my college work
    and also working out. I'm worried everything is going wrong, I'm losing alot of interest in "normal" shit. It's a sad atmosphere. All I want to do is go away from this shit. I feel dead and lonely, and the only relief from this sick reality is fucking drugs
    I can't stop myself from the delightful feeling of euphoria and sad songs.
  2. onenineteen

    onenineteen Antiquities Friend

    sometimes. when i start thinking about who i am and how i got here i drop into that pit and i often don't want to come out. i like it. i end up out of it by doing things that take attention away from myself. but eventually it has to come back to that. i really withdraw inside a lot. it's the only safe place.

    i come here when i'm really down but i don't feel i mix in well with the crowd here so i thought i would chime in to ya, and well say, you aren't alone.
  3. PitchDespair

    PitchDespair Well-Known Member

    thanks, i know what you mean too

    mind if i add you on msn? I just found out we share a rare interest
  4. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    I also find that sometimes, I just have to do things without any analysis or pondering...if I think too much, I can scare myself from doing things...big hugs, J
  5. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    Yes, the feelings you're going through sounds horrific :hug:

    But I realised it's perfectly OK to not like anything around them, it's perfectly OK not to work, not to socialise and not be bothered with 'normal shit.' When I stopped doing that, stopped worrying about what I'm supposed to do, I felt less pressure.

    Then again, I do hear that you're feeling low. When I do feel like everything is falling apart and unhappy, I have to stop my initial response of 'you should be doing this/that/the other' and just let the thoughts and feelings come-process them- and go, rather than fighting it. I find if I do fight, then I'm caught in a trap of not addressing my feelings (binge/purging and trying to get a high out of that).

    It might be helpful to work with those feelings of deadness and sadness- and maybe you're doing that already?
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