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Anytime now.. i feel

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I had my blade up to my wrist again today. I dont know why I didnt go through with it. I have nothing to live for. Nobody gives a damn about me anyways.
I cant take it anymore... It is just a matter of time before I commit SI.
Try your best to keep distracting yourself. Maybe log about it. Sometimes in the amount of time it takes to write down about the urge to SI the urge lessens. Usually if you can wait it out about 20 minutes the urge subsides enough to tolerate it. That does not mean it goes away or can't come back. I hope you can stay free of SI for another night. :hug:


hi sucide dragon.. i hope you are starting to feel better. try doing something you like... pm me if you like
As I sit here, hoping that i felt better, I have cuts on my wrists. Three times I drew my blade across my wrists (3 on each wrist). They are not deep enough to sever any veins..

They are a little over 12 hours old. Had to take a shower to clean the blood off.....
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