Anyway to recover a friend?

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    I use to consider myself a good person until recently. My friend and his girlfriend broke things off because they were in a long distance relationship. I was taking classes with his girlfriend for summer semester, and we became good friends. I'm not sure how things went from friends to more but it did. I'm currently in a relationship with my friend's ex, and I dont want to lose my friend over her. Its hard though because I havnt been this happy in awhile, and I hardly get a chance to see my friend / friends anymore due to the distance. I still feel really shitty about doing this to him.

    I still talk to him and he knows about the situation, but he mainly just talks to my other friends about how he feels about things. I know things probably wont be the same even if i stop dating his ex. I'm just hoping time will help mend things back. Please help.
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    hi there..
    its a difficult situation.. ur friend must feel awful aswel..
    i dont know what 2 suggest 2bh..
    i guess just let ur friend know that u havent meant 2 hurt him.. but u understand that this probably has.. let him know u still want 2 be friends.. and u hope in time he can accept the 2 of u 2gether..
    all the best x
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    Bad advice

    but atleast she is dating you and not some low life that only wants her for her body or worse someone that would hurt her

    And if he can find this out then he will continue being your friend
    And if your friend can see that she is happy and that your happy aswell then he should be glad,
    Plus it was a long distance relationship, not saying that dont work out... just most of them

    (And yes i had i know the pain of a girl leaving me for my best friend)
    Anyway time heals all wounds?:mellow:
    Though i still think my ex is a *****:shhh:
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