Apologies - massive rant/moan

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    It is going to be an awful week. Well, it already has been. I've recently come off citalopram because it wasn't working , but the doctor effectively turned around and said " I don't know how to help so I'm goon to refer you to a psychiatric team". I am really not happy about this. I'm really scared :'(. I don't know what they are going to do or say, and I have a massive fear they are going to want to put me in hospital and I really can't deal with that. I only went to school twice last week because every over day I had no will at all to get out of bed, which means I have missed a lot of really important lessons, with exams straight after Christmas. It's getting to the point now that I don't even know if I will see the new year because I can't see a way to get through all this. It's all pilin up higher than it has for quite a while, and the last time this happened I tried to kill myself but it (obviously) didn't work. However I know hat if I ty again, I will have learnt from my mistakes... I know all of this most likely seems unimportant but at half two in the morning and still not being remotely tired, I decided to see if offloading would help, but it isn't.... I'm sorry if anyone actually wasted their time to read this, I wish I could give you your time back...
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    Not a waiste of time hun you keep ranting okay You keep getting all those thoughts out hun it helps. I hope your new team helps you get stable so you can start moving forward again hugs
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    I never was moving forwards it's like it's only ever been getting worse and I really don't know how much worse I can take :(
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    Hope you are OK brokengirl.
    Just try to take things a bit at a time, one piece of work at a time. Please keep on posting.
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    Dear -brokengirl-,

    I hope the psychiatric team you have been referred to will be understanding of your concerns and reassuring. You need support now, and they may be able to help you relieve all the overwhelming pressure from missing school and having no motivation to make up what you missed... You need to be able to function well enough to get through daily life and school activities again.. Can you speak to your teachers about what you have missed or what you're going through? Maybe they can give you guidance, let you take your exams later, or help you study better for your upcoming exams.. Depression can be debilitating, and perhaps they may be lenient with your troubles.. I stopped going to class and taking my meds this fall semester and eventually broke down as well - as a matter of fact, I withdrew from all my classes - so I know what you're going through.. and I hope the tough time passes for you soon. Let us know if any of us can be of any help during your recovery, and rant as much as you need to. ((Hugs)) Take care and keep us posted.

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