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To those who have taken offense at my attitude on the board, I apologize.

I've come to realize that my condition is much different than most people here. Specifically, most people who are depressed or have social anxiety are suffering from their seclusion from others. On the other hand, while I'm reclusive and have a lifestyle that resembles that of depressed people, I actually enjoy it. So it might be correct then to conclude that I'm not depressed (though I used to be at a younger age) as it seems I've accepted my current situation as enjoyable. Whether or not my behavior is considered healthy or not is another discussion entirely, but I can't deny that I genuinely seem to enjoy being alone.

I'm not saying my way is any better than another's, and each of us should do what feels right, regardless of what others think. That's what I believe. So if you're depressed from not having enough friends or lacking a relationship, it is of course in your best interest to work on accomplishing those goals. While I do think it would be nice to have more good friends, and a partner to love, it is not exactly a 'priority' on my list. That's just how I am I suppose. I hope you understand, and best of luck to all others in finding happiness.


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zen14, I've read other posts of yours as well as that last one, and you are obviously feeling very bitter at the moment. I know several people on this forum have opened up their arms and hearts to you, maybe you should take them up on their kind offer. If you choose not to, then at least don't post such sarcastic, unproductive things that could hurt or upset others.

I sincerely hope things get better for you, but I really don't think people need to deal with those kind of posts on here when they're already feeling very fragile and wobbly.

Best wishes,

If you choose not to, then at least don't post such sarcastic, unproductive things that could hurt or upset others.
Nah, it's not out of line or anything. We've all done it ourselves, and much worse can be said in a bad mood. On a forum where people are in pain, it's pretty much expected that you're going to find a wide range of emotions. If I'm not willing to accept that, I shouldn't even be on this board at all.

Those of you addressing me can feel free to speak your mind, it's not a problem. I would much rather hear what people truly feel/ think than some artificial BS or nothing at all. Regardless, I will admit that ~Nobody~ has a point - some people on this forum won't take negativity or criticism very well, so just use your best judgement on that.

Anyway, the first post was just something that had to be said. I don't expect any replies or anything, it's just a message to be read by those who might've misunderstood my past behavior on the forum.
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