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  1. I thought I'd put it under soap box, since it's here that I've posted almost all of my posts. 100% of the crazier ones.
    I was obviously not well, in my skin. Very angry... sometimes hyper...

    I wasn't exactly sure, what the was the matter with me. But, I'm trying to figure it out, now...
    I don't wanna ever do that again, in here, or anywhere else for that matter.

    I apologize to everyone's that had to read that stuff. Is it possible for the staff to delete all my posts?

  2. At the very least, could you moderators, delete my last post? I mean the one before these 2. On ''Suicide Forum''.

    It'll make me feel better. PLEASE!

    PS: Don't approve this post! Let it not appear on the boards!!!

    Here's the link http://www.suicideforum.com/showthread.php?t=35594.

    Thanks! Very much appreciated!
  3. Terry

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    Robin did it hun :smile:
  4. Ziggy

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    What you believe isn't crazy.
    Selfishness is wrong, greed is wrong, deceipt is wrong, pornography is wrong.
    What's crazy about that?

    It often feels like it's the world that's crazy,
    Other people that are crazy (especially when you look at those that wield the power),
    And that's what makes us angry.
    But I think we should speak our mind out of compassion and not anger.
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