Apologize or let it go?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Kaish, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. Kaish

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    So. I messed up a couple days ago. Without going into too much detail, I will just say I have a manager who I do not agree with on how she manages. I have noticed things are much more chaotic when she is on shift and I am usually left with more work than I am physically capable of doing. After awhile I adjusted to saying I do the best I can. When more work was crammed on top, for that day, I stopped caring and in 'retaliation' did the least amount of work possible. I also complained about her to some coworkers. Today I realized that was a mistake, as I was written up for not doing a proper job and for talking behind her back. I did apologize for my actions and told her it would not happen again. I guess you would have to know me to know this is so much out of my character. I am the type who is very polite and only speaks positive of people. I hide all negativity and find the good in the person, but I guess all the extra work and working six days a week pushed me to my breaking point. I know that's no excuse, but I at least know I need to work on it.

    I don't want this mistake to permanently affect how we communicate. We did not discuss the issues. All that was discussed was I messed up and it would not happen again. That was on me. I am not good on the spot. I honestly feel my apology today was not sincere. So I would like to speak to her again about my concerns and to hopefully ease some of the tension between the two of us. I do not actually hate her. I just disagree with how she manages. I think another conversation could be of great benefit, but because I did apologize today and she accepted it, should I just move on and allow time to heal this?
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    Just my opinion:
    I would consider, at the right time privately, bringing it up again. Explain to her that it was out of character for you and let her know that you actually do not have an issue with her personally. It is in human nature to "hold a grudge," at least for some people, so you should make sure that she is aware of how you feel in your apology so that there is no future hard feelings held. Insofar as the extra work, you can only do what you can do - and that is what you should do. Do the best you can, always, and don't do less to get back at someone. Her management style may stink, but she is the manager (I have almost always been in management positions and I am sure that I don't always do the ultimate job and perhaps others don't agree with my style either - but the fact remains that I'm their manager and while I don't slave drive, I do expect them to do as they are told).

    You sound quite sincere, so express that to her. It should work out fine.
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