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i used to post a lot - used to be able to offer more support

i try but i'm so screwed up now that what i start to type as support becomes much darker and i cannot inflict that on anyone here when they are asking for help - i just delete it and hate myself for not being able to help

i've pulled back from just about everyone here because i can't seem to control my thoughts enough and i won't potentially inflict harm on anybody

just wanted people to know that i don't forget, that i do care

i'm sorry i can't find the words to show it


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I think we all need from time to time a period to regroup and renew. As long as it does not stop you to reach out if you need support for yourself. I hope you will feel better soon.


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Hey Echo, caring is just as important. I guess we offer support whenever we can, right now you cant. no problem. We all know you care. You are not alone on this, i cant either

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You don't have to apologize. :hug: I agree. Caring is equally important. Sometimes, I have trouble offering help because I realize what I've typed isn't helpful and may be too dark to post. You're not alone there.

I, too, hope you feel better soon.

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Been there too hun sometimes it is so hard when you yourself are not well. I agree no need to apologise hun just keep reaching out okay for support for you hugs


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totally understand echo...can't find the strength to help ourselves let alone others
we still want to hear how you're doing though and are here if you need to talk
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