Appreciation Thread!!!!!!: Gentlelady.

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by Tearsalone, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. Tearsalone

    Tearsalone Well-Known Member

    I'm sure that Gentle's shown us all care at some point when we're down, and she's one of the kindest people I know, not only on the board but in real life too.

    Come show your appreciation and love for everything she does for us all.
  2. blub

    blub Guest

    Massive hugs for gentle :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
    Take care
  3. dropmealine

    dropmealine Well-Known Member

    Appreciation to Gentlelady.

    Woot woot.
  4. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    Corrina, you show so much support to people on SF. You've been there for me before. I respect and admire you a hell of alot. People from SF look up to you alot. Me and you don't talk that much but i would love to be able to get to know you a bit better.

    All here if u wanna talk.

    Vikki x
  5. InnerStrength

    InnerStrength Well-Known Member

    You seem like a great person, Gentlelady. You've helped out alot of people, and for that I appreciate it. Hope the good deeds come back your way soon.
  6. jane doe

    jane doe Well-Known Member

    gentlelady you always have a good word for me when i´m sad, you always hear people and talk to them, you try to make poeple know that they can het better, just like you can too. i send you from here a really big hug and i hope you feel better, just as you always do with me. i hope you are ok and pm me if you need to talk:)
  7. Metallica*Melinda

    Metallica*Melinda Well-Known Member

    You seem like a great person!
    I hope your doing okay right now... :)
  8. immure

    immure Account Closed

    ..............................................................................................................................................................................................put something sweet and kind on the dotted line. i m not so good atb the nicey nicey but i feel the surge to be nicey nicey to u from my hearts mmind
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  9. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Gentle by name, Gentle by nature :flowers: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
  10. delirium

    delirium Well-Known Member

    <3 Gentlelady :biggrin:
  11. Smashed-Up-Sanity

    Smashed-Up-Sanity Well-Known Member

    :hug: for gentle lady!!!!
    she is awsome :)
    GROUPHUG around gentlelady!!! :grouphug:
  12. bunny

    bunny Staff Alumni

    take good care of yourself hun :hug: we care about you loads :hug:
  13. MrDepressed

    MrDepressed Guest

    I throw my appriciation in too.. your support has been fantastic
  14. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

  15. BelovedDreamer

    BelovedDreamer Well-Known Member

    Gentleness is an underrated virtue.
    To be so
    takes strength beyond compare
    love beyond measure
    compassion beyond understanding
    and an uncertain something
    that very few have.
    Often mistaken
    for weakness by those
    who have less heart
    or have seen little of it
    it is rare beyond belief
    and appreciated beyond words
    by those lucky enough
    to have been shown it
    by those rare people who truly own it
    this too little known virtue
    can change a mind
    or save a life
    or move the world
    just a little farther from implosion
    and I believe
    dear Gentlelady
    that you are a virtuoso.
  16. altek001

    altek001 Well-Known Member

    gentlelady is...amazing.
    when i think of sf, i think of the admins and how they help all of us so much...
    especially gentlelady.

    should i ever get a record deal, there will (most definitely) be a song about the nicest woman who ever was and how she helped thousands she never actually met. a regular Florence Nightingale of our time, is she. much hurray for gentlelady. *hugs*

    - Henry
  17. thedeafmusician

    thedeafmusician Staff Alumni

    Gentlelady you are everything everyone has said here and more... you are such an amazing, wonderful, caring and helping person. I could swear you're an angel lol. :hug: :hug: :hug:

  18. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    I don't know what to say exept that I hope you feel better and you are in my prayers. Take care sweetheart :)
  19. Allo..

    Allo.. Well-Known Member

    I agree with what EVERYONE here has said, you are such a great, kind person and my eyes light up when I see your name because I know that whatever you have said will touch who you were talking to.. as well as me..

    Take care hun, chin up!
  20. itachi

    itachi Well-Known Member

    <3 you hun :hug:
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