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I'd just like to say this:

I love every single one of my great friends on here who have helped me through thick and thing - through bad times of late. I hope that I can be there for them too, when they are in need. Thank you all for your hugs and kisses when I've needed them, and also when I haven't.

The members are truly what makes this site great - what a great community this is.

I have made many great everlasting bonds of friendship with people, and I hope you do the same. Everyone leans on each other here, and everyone is willing to listen to everyone else's problems - and that is beautiful to watch.

A very pleased to be here



I am glad that you have found the love and support that is so special here. YOU are a special person and deserve to have found all these friends and we are lucky enough to have you here too :) You have made a positive difference to more life than one - including mine :hug:




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I am so happy to hear you have found so much support. You deserve it. :smile:

This may be off topic and if so I am sorry but when I was reading your post it made me think of how much allowing ourselves to think a positive thought can affect us. When I was around 14 I had a hard time leaving a summer boyfriend (the kind you have on a vacation and then have to leave). Well I was thinking of The Sound Of Music and My Favorite Things song and I wrote down my own words all the way back home. By Some miracle it worked and actually made me feel better. Perhaps because my problems today are a bit more serious than puppylove was to me then it doesn't work as easily. But givng myself permission to think on good things does ease the tension enough to make it through the day. It's just so hard sometimes.

I don't know. I guess reading your post reminded me how important it is to keep doing that. I know it worked recently on this forum (for me anyway).



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Thank you all for the replies.

This is how I see you all: :angel:

You're ALL great people, even if you don't think so at the time.

And Jenny - I love ya too :hug: :cheekkiss:


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I agree with you...

i have made a great deal of friends here, and everyone here makes the community a warm and loving place to be...I know because i am here helping out and being helped out.

I just wanted to say that...but i will get to say more later on...

Love BP
Awww, I agree with you Joe, you are right on!!! I love this place too, it's my home. This has formed into a loving and supportive community. I don't know what I would do without this place...well probably go crazy, since I barely ever leave my apartment. I have friends here, I give and recieve support and goof off and can also be myself here. I love all of you so very much, you all are such wonderful and lovely people!!! Hang in there!! We can do it!!! Just beleive in yourselves!! Know that you can make it and we are here to help support you on your way down the road of life.

:hug: :grouphug: :hug: :flowers: :rose:

~Love always,
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