April 19th 2010

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by Toki Wartooth Lover, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Toki Wartooth Lover

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    Well.. I haven't been on for a while... I took a leave then my computer got messed up... Anyways.. to the point I'm trying to type..

    On Monday will be my mothers 6 year not being with me. Honestly, I want to cry... but I just don't feel any pain... I miss my mother so much... but.. it feel like I haven't even seen her in my entire life. I remember the day she died... I was at a friends house. My grandparents called me home and when they told me the news, I just stood there, lifeless. I didn't cry, I only cried for an hour or two at the funeral, mostly because it was open casket... I mean it's been 6 years. I should be over this by now... help me.. I don't know what to do
  2. lightbeam

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    I'm so sorry for your loss, Audrey.

    *hugs!* :hug:
  3. Toki Wartooth Lover

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    Thanks.. :hug:
  4. Aurora Gory Alice

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    You used the phrase "I should be over this by now", don't even feel like you have to feel like that. Nobody should have to get over the death of a loved one, especially your mother. I guess trying to feel normal and live your life again isn't an easy thing to do, but trying to do it a day at a time and learning how to deal with your loss is a good thing to focus on. But try to deal by remembering anything positive and happy you can about her.
  5. IV2010

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    Audrey I'm so sorry you lost your Mum...I lost mine 7 years ago last month and I understand what you're saying...
    I wonder if some grief therapy might help you as it helped me....
    I don't think we ever totally get over the loss of a mother..she gave birth to us and was our nurturer for so long....
    it's ok to cry for her loss as long as it takes..there is no time limit on grief..
    take care and know we are here for you at this sad time...