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Are doctors stupid or something?

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I have had 2 idiotic doctors recently.

One doctor at accident and emergency told me I had only taken a 3rd of the lethal dose of a substance... Is it just me or is that something you shouldn't be telling a patient in for attempted suicide?

Also, I had to see a doctor about my back today and sort out my medical certificate as its due to run out. She gave me an anti inflamatory for it - which is fine. But she also gave me a prescription of 50 tablets that I am known to overdose on regularly, she saw in my notes I have done so recently and yet still gave them to me.

I know they like to show you that they think you can be trusted but with all my history I think its a bit of a dumb idea for her to give them to me. I need them for the pain but i'm incredibly suicidal currently and am having to force myself not to overdose on them cos I know how much shit the doctor would get in for prescribing them to me knowing my current situation.

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I hope you turn over the medication to someone who can give them to you as needed hun Some doctors are just to busy to think sometimes I hope you do the right thing and get someone to control them for you hugs

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Hey!.. When dod you to the doc?. and lol, Maybe she really was trying to reassure you? Cuz a lot of times, people get really worked up if there's the doctor makes it really obvious that they can't be trusted and that starts another spiral again.. TE is absurdly right! Give the meds to someone who'll keep them safely away. I'm glad you're being so practical n reasonable even with them close at hand. Sammy!! :hug: :hug:


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I've given them to my parents, who give them to me as and when I need them :)
:smile: way to take charge of it. Yeah, idk. It might be daft overall, but perhaps this is the best thing. They're showing you trust, and you're doing what you feel is appriopriate for you by looking out for yourself. Above all the potential issues, you're really taking the best steps with this. :smile:
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