Are elated moods in depression common?

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Sophie posted this on another forum earlier. I've finally returned after 2 days of being away. I thought this would also be appropriate to post here.

This isn't even Kaz, it's Sophie, her alter, but even I am getting so stressed and so miserable just trying to find a pdoc that will take us seriously. We've seen one pdoc and a mental health nurse and described our elated moods.

These elated moods seem to be getting worse every year as do the depressions. This year it was like 3 months of constant energy. Euphoria. She thought life was wonderful and it was so much a contrast to the depressions where she felt worthless and that the world was too much suffering for her to even want to live in. She would pace back and forth because she felt bored if she stood still. She went to bed later (3am) and found it easier getting up early in the mornings than she would in her normal moods or in her depressions. She talked so fast a lot of the time that people couldn't keep up with her, people kept asking if she was high or drunk when she wasn't. She'd be talking rapidly about something then get another idea and go completely off on a tangent. She wouldn't spend lots of money however (not that she actually had money to spend) although she did hook up with 3 guys within this period, one of which she lost her virginity to, the other two were completely random hookups with friends and now she wonders why she did any of them and thinks they were stupid choices. She found her confidence was through the roof and she loved herself and genuinely believed she was the most amazing thing on this planet.

Thing is though we told all this to the pdoc, who then said that she was having 'slightly elated moods' and that they were nothing to worry about and diagnosed her with recurrent depression... And said that these elated moods were common in people with depression... Now I think this is complete and utter BS so we've asked for a second opinion. We asked the GP to see a mood specialist however because of the way the system works she could only refer back to the Primary Care Team pdoc that she saw before and get them to refer her to another pdoc. However I know that this new psych will have the old psych's notes (the guy is clearly BSing her about all this and doesn't want to treat her) and I'm worried that it will affect his view of what's going on. If this guy claims these extremely ridiculously elated moods are normal too I don't know what we're going to do next!? :( Kaz is on her way down into a depression again, and she hasn't even been out in 2 days, it's just been me and James. She won't come back no matter how hard we try and to be honest I don't really blame her because her depressions are catastrophic but this can't be healthy.

While we're all pretty confident that these elated moods are mania or hypomania, the pdoc and mental health nurse either disagree or are lying. I just thought I would post here because people with depression are more likely to know if they get elated moods and whether this type of thing is normal in depressed people.

Thanks for any replies.
Soph xxx


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I have them, but not long term ones such as you describe. I have them for hours, sometimes a large part of a day then reality kicks back in. I do get the whole 'pacing up and down thing while your mind races' thing too.

I hope you find a sympathetic pdoc.


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My husband had periods of elated moods when he was depressed - he would buy things he didnt really need and speak very fast at times.
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