Are my problems funny to you...?

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    It never fails to bring me down that whenever I go off on something or describe problems and feelings to them. That it's followed by some form of laughter or "lol".

    Everytime I get serious, same result. It's like my misery is their entertainment. Why the fuck is it funny? Is it because you're not me and you're not having to deal with what I have to? So it gives you a free pass to laugh at my problems because you're not encountering them?

    I'm more reluctant to tell my problems half the time because that's the result. Then get asked "why didn't you speak up?"

    That stupid picking you up only to smack you down feeling. That indignant mentality they process when you finally get to business. I'm sick of it.

    I don't laugh when someone they're close to dies or gets injured or when they're getting kicked down by life. But it's okay to, with me. Maybe I should, though. Oh but that would give them means to call me out for being a heartless asshole when it's okay for them to do it back to me.

    People fucking suck.
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    No! I most certainly do not find your or any issues funny to me. Very sad actually. People should practise what they preach, you are the good one in all of this. How dare they think this is funny? Who gives them that right? Stick to people you know you can trust with your thoughts. I wish you all the best and you can always come to me any time and your issues will never be funny. There are some sick people out there :/
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