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Are there any fans of The Kinks out there (no fair posting is you're Ray Davies)

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I've been a fan of sixties music my entire life, but The Kinks have contunually flown under my radar until a few years ago. Of course, I knew songs like "You Really Got Me" and "Lola", but I never had any of their albums. Then when I started exploring their work, I found that most of their albums needed repeated listenings before their charm began to grow on me. Nearly all the albums that I own of theirs and love are albums that were nothing special to me when I first heard them (in some cases, I sold them and rebought them years later when I decided to give them another try). Recently, I've been in a Kinks mood and have been expanding my CD collection with their work. Currently, the albums that I have are Face To Face, Something Else, Village Green Presevation Society, Arthur, Lola vs. Powerman & The Moneygoround and Muswell Hillbillies. These are all great albums.

Anyone else have anything they want to say about The Kinks? Or about a group or album that took a few listens before you started to love it?

By the way, part of my newfound appreciation comes from a fantastic documentary that I saw recently about Ray Davies, the title of which I can not remember.
I love sixties music too, but must confess to never having taken much notice of The Kinks either...perhaps I should check out some of their lesser known songs :) Thanks for the tip!!


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I LOVE the Kinks.:biggrin: Didn't they have an album called GOD SAVE THE KINKS?

The sixties and seventies produced some awesome rock and roll. Especially when the bands started writing politically-leaning songs...:rolleyes:

Great taste in music, my friend!:smile:



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The next Kinks album that I'd like to pick up is "Kinda Kinks". Anyone have any reviews for me?

By the way, I know that most reviewers shrug off their theatrical albums from the 70's. Anyone here heard them? Any opinons?

And to The Least Of These, thanks for saying that I have good taste. I've always felt out of step with the mainstream because of the music and movies that I like. It's one of the things that has always made me feel separate from others and different. It's nice to know that there are others out there who don't think I'm a weirdo just because I like listening to old rock.

You guys are all great.

(Awwww... virtual group hug... if such a thing is possible)

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