Are there any medications out there to help with anger problems?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by gag, Feb 5, 2008.

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    I was just wondering.

    I've got a bad temper, and lately it's been building up, I think I'm going to snap on someone one of these days.

    The last couple weeks I've gotten an eye twitch, and little things set me off.
    Like if I make too many typos, or I sub my toe, or anything really, I'll totally lose it.

    I never had problems with my temper in years, but when I was a little kid I was put in counselling and stuff for it, and that seemed to get rid of it, but it's coming back.

    Like a few weeks back a bunch of guys crashed my friends party and one of them punched him in the face, so I grabbed a steel pipe and chased like 7 guys down the road.

    And I got fined the other day, and got really mouthy with the cops, something I normally wouldn't do, looking at it now I'm surprised they didn't lay more charges on me.

    So is there any medication out there for my temper problems?
  2. This is a little more comprehensive (but only as an overview) than anything I could say. I simply googled "medications for anger". It's a fairly easy read - and DO see #10...

    There is lots of info out there! I got this in about 1 second! Be proactive (it may give you the feeling/reassurance that you are NOT completely powerless)
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    I have been on Paxil for about 2 months and was having some pretty severe rage episodes. I felt like I was turning into one of those rage zombies from 28 Days Later. My pdoc put me on a low does of Abilify, which is anti-psychotic. Its supposed to help with anger and intrusive thoughts. I feel a *little* calmer today, but its just my first day, so its still too soon to tell yet I think.