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Are there any more beautiful moments in your life?

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"The most beautiful moments in your life;
* When you live in people’s hearts without any cheat or deception..
* When you resist the Devil, and return to the Creator, knocking his door and he approves your repentance..
* When all around you understand what you want, so they lend a hand..
* When you supplicate to ALLAH, and your eyes like a river of tears, with a heart longing to see him..
* When you hear the crying of your first child, then you take him in your arms and give him all the safety and love..
* When you gloom for the meaningless years of your age, then you start the real work..
* When you get up in the morning and find that all the yesterday’s sins were erased..
Are there any more beautiful moments in your life?"


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If I was interested in learning about Islam and possibly becoming Islamic, would I face prejudice because I am a white man from America?


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If I was interested in learning about Islam and possibly becoming Islamic, would I face prejudice because I am a white man from America?
of course no because islam dont differ between human beings
all of us are one
american egyptian european african


So what is a homosexual to do ? Live their life alone or would being gay itself even though you don't partake in "homosexual actions" still get you into the giant crematorium underground?


dear Saoirse

islam forbid homosexual actions

and i think any religion restricted that
your religion can <Mod Edit: Abacus21-inappropriate>.

any religion that says i am inherently immoral (because I was BORN gay) is obviously a crock of shit. Why would god create something only to condemn it?

i wish you peace and love, but i hope your religion crumbles under the weight of its own falsehood.

(although, i will always support your right to practice your religion. i am pro-freedom.)

(also, muslim, i'm saying this not just for me -- but for all the gay people who are denied acceptance because of the lies of religion. It's just a bunch of ridiculous stories... And I'm all for ridiculous stories -- but your religion advocates death for those who dissent. I am an infidel. I am unholy. But really, your religion is just trying to punish me for not converting -- for refusing to conform.)

oh, and Buddhism doesn't restrict gay people for being gay. In fact, there are lots of religions that are filled with less antediluvian law and bullshit.

Muslim -- I hope I didn't hurt your feelings by saying this. But I feel like your religion is a continuing attack on me just being who I am. And I think your religion causes more harm than good. I won't just passively stand by while you proselytize people who naive to the flaws of your religion. Nothing personal towards you. I'm sure you're really nice.
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Muslim first off you try to hard to make others believe in what you do, I understand what you are trying to do but this is really not the place, as you can see theirs a lot of people that do not agree with you (me included). I felt this as a post I must reply to. First of let me say that I respect the faith you have.

Religion is a hard thing for a lot of people, there is a lot tied up into their beliefs. The moments I find truly beautiful in my life are the simple ones, they are part of the reason I live with the pain I do everyday. They are not moments that I know God has forgiven me, they are the moments when I look at the world and see how truly wonderful things could have been. The best moments in life are the simple ones, they do not need God, they only need someone that can see them for what they are. I know you will disagree but this is how I see the world, if your faith is true, if my mothers faith is true, if have the world is right then I shall burn in a very nasty place but at least I will enjoy the simple things here. I know this does not make sense, but we have missed the bigger picture so many times before.

I will argue one thing, that brining a life into this world is a cruel thing, I am sorry the laughter of my child would be hell in my ears, so many die because we can’t feed them, so many suffer because we can not give them water, what a cruel thing it is to bring a life into this world knowing that so many need held, so many need a loving father or mother. So much has died and will die because we fill the world needs a carbon copy of us.



If I was interested in learning about Islam and possibly becoming Islamic, would I face prejudice because I am a white man from America?
The Chechen people residing in the former Soviet Union appear to be as Caucasian as it is possible to be (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:6055.jpg ) yet no one questions their status as genuine Muslims, certainly the Russians don't !

Hope picture link is good.

Personally, I abhor all of the Abrahamic religions for their infexible :hit: dogmatism and their historical cruelty
( :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: Judaeism, Islam, Christianity ).

If I were not an atheist I would choose to follow one of the pagan religions of pre-christain Europe. I mean really, have you ever seen Wiccan missionaries tell you that you are going to hell for not being a Wiccan ? ( I know wicca is neo-pagan and not ancient, but you know what I mean. )
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Everyone has about 2-5 core values that they will never break. Trying to attack someone's morals is both distressing to the person who's belief is being attacked, and pointless because you can't break a person's moral code.

This applies to any party. Of course usually what I say get's ignored/attacked by people anyway because they like to have a bit of drama/kick up a fuss to entertain each other. :dry:
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