Are there words coming out of my mouth?, because no one hears me

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    I am frustrated with my life which is no surprise, but i am more frustrated with those around me that dont have a clue and tell me things are going to be fine when they dont know what they are talking about.

    Do you vomit everytime you eat or it comes out other places?? Yet you are constantly nagged to eat? Dont get me wrong i am neither anorexic or bulimic, i am simply ill. Due to illness i lost all but 10% of my stomach so eating really sucks.

    Also because of that i am malnorished, anemic and hypoglycemic so i pass out several times a day. I am scheduled for surgery the monday after christmas and then again in feb to remove half my pancreas, and i am suppose to be happy about them carving on my body yet again, with no real promise of a better quality of life.

    Add to that, that i have had several episodes of small bleeds in the is good...ya right!

    Im sick and tired of being sick and tired. Im tired of depression and wanting to die, im sick of people telling me shit they dont have any real experience with.

    I want them to hear, im tired, just tired of it all and tired of wanting and needing to be heard, i dont need their armchair analysis. I just want someone to listen for once and not comment on what i do have..

    I know life can be good, its been good in my past but the last 8 years have really sucked and are getting worse by the day. So they can really bite me when they think i am feeling sorry for myself...these are people that have a cold and feel like its the end of the world. Walk a mile in my, walk a would want out too.
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    Hope your surgery goes well and hope you find a sound so lovely that the world would be a better place if you participated more in it...big hugs, J