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Empathy Only Are they really friends?


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Ever since a certain incident when I was younger, I've had really bad trust issues, and the people it affects the most are my friends: more like how I see my friends. I constantly question why they are my friends, if they're really my friends, whether or not they actually like me etc. These constant doubts are not getting any better, in fact they're getting worse, and this is due to the fact that my friends now ignore me.
They don't text back, they don't call and don't hang out with me, only each other. Now my stupid brain keeps telling me that they don't actually like me, they're just saying they're my friends because they pity me and similar things and it's starting to crush me more and more everyday. I know it may seem like I'm overreacting, but I somewhat have an explanation for this.
It's called 'lack of emotional permanence'. It is a little hard to explain, but I'll try my best. Emotional permanence is when somebody likes you, and even if they don't text back, you still know they like you. Lack of emotional permanence isn't like that.ets say somebody likes you, and they don't text you back and instead leave you on read. You will manage to convince yourself that they don't like you anymore.


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I measure true friendship by a variety of parameters, such as how honest and consistent they are, and how honest I can be with them, or whether or not they reciprocate attention/affection/conversation.

Personally, I can read folks well. And while I admit I can misinterpret other people's actions and words, my intuition is pretty good. If I was sure that my friends were intentionally avoiding me, and doing this consistently, or for prolonged periods of time, then they would no longer be my friends.

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