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Discussion in 'Positive Feelings and Motivational Messages' started by vbuk, Apr 24, 2007.

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    im actually feeling good! Recently work has being getting me down. i actually thought about walking out on friday. but then my boss came back on saturday - i had a good chat with him. he kept telling me how well im doing. then listed all the things i do - which at the mo is alot - i didnt realise. there is this guy who has being selling cameras for years and my boss said i do a better job than him! this guy is the one that keeps making me feel like shit.

    yesterday this guy messed up for the 2nd time. didnt charge someone enough. my boss was cashing up and found this and was getting mad - i could see it. there was nothing i could do - just had to wait for him to find it. i felt so useless.

    after it was all done my boss told me that as of tomorrow i am going to be able to authorize refunds/price changes and that he is going to start training me to cash up. i was shocked. it makes me so valued. i knew it was gona happen but not this soon. im actually buzzing! feeling good. and im not worried about going in tomorrow.

    i know im wittering on but just wanted to share this! im so excited!

    im good at my job!!! i love it!!

    Love Clare x
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    Wow Clare, that's great... Well done! :goodone:
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