Are we ment to be happy in the first place?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by MorganaNever, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. MorganaNever

    MorganaNever Well-Known Member

    Ive been thinking lately. You grow up thinking happiness, love and meaning are underneeth everything. Ok, i was never religious and thought "everything happens for a reason" is obvious rationalization, but i also believed that a human at least has a choice and should chose to be happy and free as long as they dont hurt others freedom. And so, no matter what you believe in or dont, you at least hope for something more incredible beyond your actions, look back and connect the little dots of random events and everything that happed is ok cause it led you somewhere.

    Yes, you know there is injustice in the world, but you can blame evil people for creating inequality, evil systems..

    When in reality, who is happy? Past was filled with terror and struggle, present still holds lots of it. Even in the places where you have choices, life has its way of limiting them. Being yourself without hurting others isnt such a simple statment, being happy is almost a science even when you have a choice.
    Aduthood is lonely and restricted in some ways unless youre lucky. We will all die and so will people we love and alll we know is were just here for no great reason to exist somehow. Knowing we will inevitably lose, we can die any moment and all we are forced to worry about seems so arbitrary yet impossible to escape.

    We even believe its good that everything is a struggle.

    And flawed human society aside, existence itself is cruel cause of that constant paralysing uncertainty. People have existed and left sad, frightened, miserable and alone. So how can we believe what is happening to us now is for any reason and that lose ends will ever get connected. Even the nature is unfair, cruel and scary to all its creatures.

    Were not safe and life isnt a story. Its not gonna be ok so i can say "i was doing so bad just to become sth amazing and im happy for it all". More likely as life shows ill just die somehow and it could have been better and it isnt fair And i am not tough. If nature had mercy it wouldnt give us feelings. Nobody cares about any of us, what we need we wont get and there is no better option. All random luck and eventually even a good life is tragic cause youll still have to go trough people dying, getting old, while the fear grows bigger.

    Delusions are the only weapon given to us that we can use, nothing else, specially not our intellect. Delusions and imagination. Life is ment to be escaped from if you dont like pain. That is why i can live for the nights when i dream and why i will never try to break anyones illusions again with reason. I finally understand them. Truth is to be ignored
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    I think the word happy is overused, we should aim to feel safe and satisfied. Happiness is a rare thing, much rarer than we are led to believe.

    Over than that I tend to agree largely.
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