Are We Okay?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by 41021, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. 41021

    41021 Banned Member

    We are not, huh?

  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hugs to you hun
  3. 41021

    41021 Banned Member

    Ty Sweetie ((hug))

    (((SF))) for all of us
  4. FrainBart

    FrainBart Staff Alumni

    :hug: for you also,

    Sorry that things aren't going so well :hug: here if you need someone to talk to. Take care of yourself hun :hug:
  5. kote

    kote Account Closed

    we are all in it together!!! lean on us when you need us!!!

    take care and hope to chat soon.
  6. 41021

    41021 Banned Member

    Thank you V. I never did find out how birthday went (((hug)))

    Thank you Neanderthal (((hug)))

    I wish it were easier for me to speak. I just slink into a hole, nails scraping the dirt on the way down until i give in to the free-fall :sad:
  7. 41021

    41021 Banned Member

    i don't think i feel okay
  8. MoAnamCara

    MoAnamCara SF Artist

    I'm glad to see you around. I know how terribly difficult it is. Am here if you choose. :arms:
  9. 41021

    41021 Banned Member


    I not okay

    far from

    i dunno what to do
    well, i do
    and it's easier now

    i don't feel so okay
  10. MoAnamCara

    MoAnamCara SF Artist

    I am sorry. Can you call someone tonight? Please reach out for help.
  11. 41021

    41021 Banned Member

    Hi Mo.

    I miss you ((hug))

    and who would you propose i call?
    and what would i say when i cannot speak?

    reach out; went to chat, contacted a "friend" got no response

    staring at things

    i think i don't feel okay

    how you doing?

  12. MoAnamCara

    MoAnamCara SF Artist

    I Don't know recalling but even if there is no one called the crisis line It doesn't matter if you talk or you can't talk it's just having the presence of someone else there with you. I'm doing okay thanks we need to concentrate on you" can help you get through tonight
  13. 41021

    41021 Banned Member

    :sad: presence of someone else is why i went to chat tonight. nobody home in chat. i have difficulty talking 'bout me when shit gets serious, but i can listen to ppl
    emailed friend. that went poorly as well.
    i'm not persistent although i seem to be doing good job rambling here

    i don't feel so okay

    you okay?



    perhaps it's time to wish me peace
  14. kote

    kote Account Closed

    dear sd.mar - all you have to say is youre not well and i will be there for you as long as you need.

    youve always been there for me.

    at times of trouble and pain im more than happy to be with you!!!

    i hope i catch you soon.

    for now take care please.
  15. 41021

    41021 Banned Member

    Hi Neanderthal


    i don't feel so okay but i don't even have it within me to say much more than that
    i'm all said out

    this sux dirt
  16. kote

    kote Account Closed

    you dont need to say anything.

    if you just want company im happy just to sit in a chat room with you.

    maybe telling you a few stories to make you chuckle!!! no need to reply. just feel safe.

    i can skip kendo tonight if you need me. i know you would. i owe you!!!

    im here!!!
  17. 41021

    41021 Banned Member

    aww Neanderthal you are so sweet ((hug)), and yes, I would skip anything if you needed me as i know you would do for me as well. You are a good friend. Sigh, you are a really good friend *tears. Thank you.

    Hey, go to Kendo so that (hopefully i will still be here) and you can tell me how it went. I want you to go...bring me back a story ((hug)). I'll stay here lurking, maybe slip into chat here and there, and try toughing this out in anticipation of you telling me how Kendo went. It actually does help a bit, when i hear how well my sf family does, even the wee small things that may make life just a bit brighter for them, even the simple things like someone ate today, or they had a bit of rest, or perhaps went for a walk or perhaps visited a friend. Thank you fellow, you have such a good heart. Thank you too for not pushing me (yet not remaining silent either), for understanding that it's difficult for me to talk, and just being around someone who "knows" can be enough in itself. It's a much less alone feeling that way.

    you are a good fellow ((hug))
  18. kote

    kote Account Closed

    stop it you'll make me blush!!! and im a macho guy!!! lol

    hey i will go and will try my best to knock one of the teachers over. lol - i just know it will be the opposite!!!

    i also made a step forward i was able to get up, dressed and go to 7-11 for some lunch and to stock up on more redbulls. lol that for me was a huge step!!!
    hmmmm now to challenge a bath - lol i will shower after kendo!!! but it would be nice to be able to have the get up and go.

    anyway at times to lurk does us some good. dont feel bad about it. just ghost in and out and try to slow down your mind.

    it doesnt say anywhere that you have to participate to be a member. spectators are welcome too!!!

    and yes many members here do feel like you are part of their family or they are part of yours. we all worry and care.

    anyway time to get up as the kids will be home soon and there is always ( ALWAYS!!! ) a meltdown before kendo and i have to chill them out. including my wife!!!

    tonight a new adult student will come. half korean/american she was supposed to come last week. i have to do the translating for her which should be fun if im high as a kite on redbull. anyway a chance for my kids to meet a native english speaker. thats kinda cool for them.
  19. 41021

    41021 Banned Member

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  20. kote

    kote Account Closed

    hey im back. its 11pm but i may be awake for a while. had a great practice and fixed a health problem.
    met a lovely new adult/girl very polite and good at kendo. so made her feel very welcome.

    i hope you are ok - i know youre not but i can still hope.

    hmmmm what to say - i want to listen...... im here for you and will be all day and night!!!

    wishing you the best!!!
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