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Are we together? Are we not? I really like him... Someone help me!!!


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Ugh! This is something that is really upsetting me right now.
I'll start RIGHT at the beginning.
So I met this guy, back in November and we didn't really talk or whatver until April this year. We got really close, we would talk every day be it through a website we go on, facebook or texting. We found out we have so many similarities. We're practically the same...
We were at a party at the end of April and we got even closer than we have before. We spent most of the night making out and by the end of the night we had gone the whole way. It felt so right.
We still talk often and stuff, he tells me he really likes me, and I -really- like him. I don't want to quote what he said on here but if anyone wants to honest help me with my heart right now please PM me and I'll send you privatly what he sent me. It gave me butterflies, made me blush and smile like an cheshire cat.

We see eachother and when we do we talk, but I feel I just want to hug him tight, kiss him and what not. We've both said we're not ready for a relationship. But I really am, and if he likes me what is holding him back? He says he's worried about us being in the spotlight, that people will over react and be a d!ck about it all.. I'm so confused.

I feel lost when I'm not talking to him, he's at a party tonight so we havn't talked today like we usually do. Blegh. I just don't know how to get this across. We're spending a whole weekend together soon and no doubt things are going to happen (please don't make me explain that bit, I don't think I need to) but I don't just want that. I want to be his girlfriend. I want to make him happy in other ways too..

I could tell him everything, he knows about my extreme depression and my SHing. He's okay with it, he worries and cares and doesn't want me to be depressed.
Agh! How do I get my feelings through, am I explaining whats going on with my heart right now, does anyone understand? What can I do... someone help me. Anyone?


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Hi :)
Its a bit of a risky situation. Only go forward if you are willing to throw your friendship away. He is probably under the illusion that you are happy as "friends with benefits" as you stated in your post that you both said you werent ready for a relationship even though you really are. He is not on the same page as you at present.
If you are truthful with him and he doesnt want a relationship then you may loose him as a friend. On the other hand he may have said he didnt want a relationship because he thought you didnt in which case you could end up with a new boyfriend. I just hope you really think whether or not your willing to risk the friendship. :IrishDoll:

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