Are you an Atheist?

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  1. Winslow

    Winslow Antiquitie's Friend SF Supporter

    Are you an Atheist? If you had previously believed in a religion and then converted to Atheism, what made you do so? Has it helped you? If so, how?
  2. infiniti1027

    infiniti1027 Member

    I'm not an Atheist or an Agnostic. I believe in God.

    He doesn't believe in me.
  3. cult logic

    cult logic Staff Alumni

    I was born and baptised a Catholic, and went to a Christian pre-school and kindergarten, but that was really as far as it went for me, my parents were not really religious.

    I was 8 or so years old when I really just stopped and thought about it.

    In the beginning I had believed in God because if I didn't, I might go to hell. But then I thought, there are THOUSANDS of religions out there. All just as proven as the rest(not at all), what are the chances that mine is the correct one anyway?

    Why waste my life worshiping and groveling when the odds are so highly unlikely that who I'm worshiping is the right one?

    Just one of many reasons.

    It's so easy to just look at a religion and see it as false beyond a reasonable doubt for all the little inconsistencies and logical errors.

    It's my opinion that if you claim to have knowledge of any sort of creator of everything, you are either crazy or a liar.
  4. Viro

    Viro Well-Known Member

    I have always been an Atheist.
  5. TJ

    TJ Staff Alumni

    Im not an atheist , but i am agnostic , i used to go to church and was training to become a youth pastor when i was 18 ,
    i had "come out" to some of my friends when i was 17 about me being a lesbain , and when i was almost 19 i fully come out of the closet so to speak, the church i belonged to kicked me out and the place where i was training also asked me to leave as it was a "sin" to be homosexual.
    i dont have a problem with christians , as far as im concerned as long as they dont push there religion on me there nice people , but i have a huge problem with the church itself , i find it to be hypocrictiacal along with alot of other stuff , one of the famous sayings in church is "walk the talk" to be honest id love for them to actually do that instead of kicking people outta church .

    anyways so now i just dont believe in anything , i know the universe is there looking out for me but thats as far as it goes for me
  6. Kaos General

    Kaos General Well-Known Member

    Im an athiest baby. I cant stand religion
  7. empty101

    empty101 Well-Known Member

    I suppose I fall under what others would call atheism. I guess when I was younger I believed in god but I never really gave it much thought. I was baptized and taken to church a few times when I was really young but my family never really made an effort there.

    As I got older it became more and more apparent that there is no god or at least there is definitely nothing like that explained by most major religions.

    I believe that developing a community and working on improving society, yourself and the people around you is a great thing. I never had this but today I do spend time thinking about improving my character and helping others around me. I spend time thinking about what it is to be me, to be human and what I should do. I wish there was such a thing outside of religion but have yet to find it. I find that people part of major religions are closed minded thinkers. Not because they believe in god but because they've been taught how to act, what to feel and what to believe. I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing I just wasn't taught to do this stuff the same way as them and it's not possible to just start.

    I believe life is about people. Success, wealth, skill, talent and so on are all just avenues used to improve the people part of life. I want to develop strong relationships, bonds and be a trustworthy and respectable person. I want to draw these types of people to me. I love to ponder the complexities of our universe and learn about everything I can. I don't believe in god and I do believe that when we die blood stops flowing to our brain and we no longer think. I didn't choose to think this, I chose to think logically about the world around me and within me and that has lead me to these beliefs.

    I do feel very much alone about my beliefs. I feel I'm in a world where you're either an opportunist, capitalist-absorbed atheist or a warped, magical thinking god lover. Of course these things aren't at all important on a day to day basis but it does make getting close to people difficult.
  8. sinnssykdom

    sinnssykdom Banned Member

    I am an Atheist but not a 'true' atheist as i still celebrate the major holidays such as Christmas, i just don't go to church or beleive in God.

    I'd rather not get into my personal beliefs on here. However i will say this, i have grown up in a family that was basically atheist(like i said still celebrate major holidays such as Christmas but don't go to church or beleive in God or of a higher person controlling us), don't get me wrong i have given it a chance. I've gone to church a few times over the years and personally it just isn't for me. Honestly i think if i were part of a religion it would only make the situation worse as many things i think about are considered a sin so i'd be faced with that added on stress. I don't personally think it would deter my thoughts, but only make them worse. That's just for me though.

    I have no problem with religion as long as you don't force it on to others or me i'm cool with it.
  9. Krem

    Krem Well-Known Member

    I believed in a god at the age of.. 7 or so. I also believed in ghosts, spirits, demons, and all such fun. I also believed I had magic and could alter what was happening on the television. I said prayers every night or so, without my parents knowing. Sometimes one has to grow up, no matter how much one may regret it. Would be nice, though, to have faith. But, so would having magic powers.

    Crimson_Regret, the church you were at forgot to mention that it's a sin for MALES to be homosexual. It doesn't say women can't be.
  10. nolonger

    nolonger Well-Known Member

    Probly why I like to laugh at such ignorant religions :) No offence :tongue:

    I'm not entirely athiest. I think there is something bigger. There HAS to be. Must be...because if there isn't, then everything here just seems all the more pointless.
  11. Edgar Roni Figaro

    Edgar Roni Figaro Well-Known Member

    I don't know how anyone who calls themselves an atheist can look down on the beliefs of a religious person. All religions along with atheism are philosophically the same thing. They are all absolute belief systems in which a person must have infinite knowledge to make the assertion of either. By the very nature of making an absolute claim that god exists or god doesn't exist both systems essentially close themselves off to any outside knowledge.

    Once a belief system becomes closed by making absolutist claims, they become incapable of benefiting humanity. Neither belief system is capable of growing or adapting to new knowledge. Because of this both belief systems result in an "us vs them" mentality in which the atheist blinded by their absolutist assertion that god does not exist seeks to subjugate mankind in the name of absolutist morality based on their closed system. (example Soviet Union)

    On the other hand the absolutist assertion that god does exist found in religion leads to the subjugation of man in the name of god. (example Catholic Church in Europe).

    There is only one system that can change humanity for the better and that is the scientific method. It is the only system mankind has that is an open system capable of taking in all knowledge mankind attains and assimilating it into the advancement of mankind. The scientific method has no need to deal in absolutes because the system itself safeguards against such assertions.

    We can go back and forth between religious nations and atheistic nations but the results will always be the same. Mass murder by those in power who claim absolute authority over knowledge itself by systematically removing all knowledge that contradicts their absolute assertions and killing anyone who is against them.
  12. Krem

    Krem Well-Known Member

    Edgar Roni Figaro, I think you're confusing atheism with something else. It's not a set doctrine or philosophy- An atheist simply believes there is no god. It has nothing to do with anything else. It's not a belief system- It's the opposite.
    * Characterizations (observations, definitions, and measurements of the subject of inquiry)
    * Hypotheses (theoretical, hypothetical explanations of observations and measurements of the subject)
    * Predictions (reasoning including logical deduction from the hypothesis or theory)
    * Experiments (tests of all of the above)

    This is the scientific method. Using this, one can find out that there is no god, simply because there is nothing to suggest there is. You can not do anything to find out. Except die, but then you'd need a soul. Again, nothing to suggest they exist.

    This went so far off-topic that it's almost comical.
  13. ema

    ema Antiquities Friend

    I guess I'll go out on a limb...

    Atheism is a sort of belief system in many people because they cling to it so tightly. True atheism is like my husband...he just shrugs and goes on. There's no defensiveness or anything.

    But, what I really take issue with is the idea that science is the perfect cure for religious excess. Sooo not true. Why eugenics? That was supposedly pure science. Got way out of control. Science is never free of personal or political or social influences. It never will be because the people who practice it are human.

    I also take issue with the idea that European Catholicism does not control "man" in the name of God. Not so anymore than anywhwere else.

    I believe in God. For some reason, that makes me Christian, which is not true. Not the same thing at all. But, I don't push my beliefs on people and I prefer to let people believe what they will.

    And, since when does belief in God mean that God controls you? I think God is fallible and a mystery. None of that Greek philosophical stuff. If we're supposedly made in the image of God, then think backwards, God has to be kind of confused, too. At least, that's how I see it.

    But, I don't much care for Atheism shoved in my face any more than I do for "pure science" or "religion." Whatever any of those terms mean.
  14. Edgar Roni Figaro

    Edgar Roni Figaro Well-Known Member

    Right in your first sentence you claim atheism is not a belief system. Then you go on to say only 2 sentences later that "An atheist simply believes there is no god". That is an absolute assertion which makes it a belief system since the assertion is based on incomplete knowledge.

    Atheists deal in absolutes just like religious folks. You say there is no god, and you know this how?

    Can you personally explain to me how matter came from nothing?

    Do you personally understand what the universe is? (Because apparently quantum physics is just now beginning to question that there may in fact be an infinite amount of universes)

    Do you have knowledge of the origins of the universe before the Big Bang?

    If you said no to those questions which you did, then you admit to a severely limited understanding of the universe.

    You're assertion that there is no god of any sort (and god is a loose term here meaning the creator of matter in the universe) is an absolutist statement which requires complete knowledge of the universe of which you lack.

    So according to the scientific method, we must remain open to the possibility that a being with far more knowledge than humans, who could understand far more than we currently do, did in fact create or trigger some cause which created the universe as we now know it.

    To not be open to that possibility is to deny the open process of the scientific method. You can argue your belief system any way you want to but the fact remains if you make an absolute assertion without the knowledge required to make that assertion you are no different than the Catholic Church who made the assertion that the world was flat simply because it did not understand the science of astronomy.

    If you do not see the relationship between a religious person absolutely claiming there is a god without full scientific understanding of how the universe works and where it came from, and an atheist absolutely claiming there is no god with the same lack of scientific understanding as the religious person, then you need to at least take a basic philosophy course in logic and learn to understand the argument being made.( Just wanted to add I mean no disrespect by the last sentence. I am not calling you illogical.)
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  15. Edgar Roni Figaro

    Edgar Roni Figaro Well-Known Member

    double post sorry.
  16. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    Yes. There are atheists who aren't like your husband but proper frightening- I've met them, heard about them, and they frankly scare me as they say they aren't religious, but look at their rhetoric and programmes, and it's not much different from the fundamental christian right..

    I'm agnostic (I think).
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  17. Daphna

    Daphna Well-Known Member

    I used to be a satanic witch, and it isn't all that different from being an atheist. It is impossible to believe in nothing in this life. Every tradition and belief stems from something. Superstition surrounds us more than anything in this life, even for those who do not consider themselves superstitious. Superstition and witchcraft are one and the same. Plus religion and beliefs in deities are in everything as well. Every book, movie, and television show deals with magic, faries, and other goulish beings. So even if there was a person who claimed to believe in nothing at all, they really worship something they just are not aware of it. It did not help me at all being what I used to be. I suffered in every way. I was hateful, depressed, and violent. In other words a product of this world. Now I am a child of Yahweh and I am happy, and focused on being a product of love instead. :) Hallelujah!
  18. Perfect Melancholy

    Perfect Melancholy SF Friend

    If you look through history the concept of the devil and hell was actually created by man, most of the bibles passages and meanings defines how we live by each day, look at the American constitution, am I an atheist? I might just sit on the fence on this one and continue my cheese worshipping:Jehuty: A true atheiest renounces all belief in any higher being they do not believe in the devil god or any of the rules they go by, if that is the instance then I doubt many people really are, but each to there own, I would also disagree that saying being a satanic witch is the same as being an atheist it is about far from it as possible, that is a pretty much a black and while view of the world, how can it be atheist when a satanic witch has belief in something.
  19. nagisa

    nagisa Staff Alumni

    Yes, I'm an atheist. I was a Christian, but I couldn't reconcile the contradictions of the Bible and Christianity with myself. It just never felt right and I was always searching for something. Now that I'm an atheist, things seem much more clear. I take responsibility for my actions and have faith in myself that I can accomplish my dreams and goals because of my own hard work, not because I pray and ask Jesus for help. I wasted a lot of time praying about things without making any action towards progress. Now it's different and I'm much more comfortable in my own skin than I ever was as a Christian.
  20. ema

    ema Antiquities Friend

    Classic! :rolleyes:
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