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Are you being thankful for what you (still) have today?

No matter what our actual situation is. Every person that I know got something to be thankful for even when they are not seeing it.

I personally take at least 20 minutes a day to be thankful for everything I have right now, even in the low.

I'm also thankful for the hard lessons that life is giving me. I would give it a try, I can't explain how much it does for me, just invest 20 minutes a day for a while if you hope it could work for you too.


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Thank you for creating this thread, it's a great reminder, I am thankful for what I have. I have an incredible support team around me :)


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Gian I am very bad at being thankful for things. As a human I focus on what is 'wrong' or what I lack and try to resolve those items, spending little or no time thinking about what is right or good. I'd be surprised if I even spend 1 minute a day being thankful for anything. How do you make yourself focus for 20 minutes and relax and think about the thankfulness??


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i'm thankful for a lot. my life is great! except right now for not doing my homework now and being on here. my looks are a downer (i'm a viking hobo butterface) but since i believe in an afterlife it's not that big of a deal. i don't like mousey girls even though i'm a (fat and) mousey guy ... i guess i could get over that, but i'd prefer to just wait for the afterlife and better chemistry with the women there. i'm counting down the years until i die, lol! in the meantime i've been living for my hobbies and other pursuits besides women.


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I'd venture to say I do about average. I don't take it all for granted.. but I also fail to keep it front and center sometimes as well. Thanks.


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I'm thankful that I have food and a roof over my head. Even if neither of them are mine and even if living here makes me want to pull my hair out. I'm also thankful to have so many supportive people on this forum. For as long as I have major problems, I can count on people here to be supportive. And I once again am thankful for that.


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I'm thankful for my job, the roof over my head, my internet connection, my food, my books. and last but not least, I'm thankful for my other little brother from another furry mother.


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I quite often write lists of things I’m grateful for because the human mind has a natural tendency to look for the negative. Humans were designed (like any other animal) to *survive* and if we were always content and happy we wouldn’t have got far at all. We had to be on the alert for all sorts of bigger, stronger animals.. It’s evolution.

So I have pages and pages of notes on my iPad and phone, just listing what is NOT wrong with my life. It’s often the same things over and over, because it’s the act of consciously thinking about them that matters.

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