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are you happy in your relationship?


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Mostly yes i guess the faults when they come up are from my issues not my husbands although he does have a serious case of lazyitus ! but yes we have been together 14 years and hes brill :)


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No. In fact the reason I came here was that I told him I wanted help. I feel as though I want to hurt myself. He left to go to his friends house, because he can't deal with my drama.


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I thought I was, but now I'm certain that I probably am not. More likely not then am. I keep holding out that it is the depression that is makin me think this but ehh, I'm not sure.


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Yes, until we argue on a subject: then it is nuclear war.

Everything has been my fault since 14 years now.

Starting to be fed up, not sure if I am still in love.

But my therapist told me not to take big decisions until the therapy is done... probably in 2-3 years. OMG

Then, to help me go through it, my psy offered my husband to treat him as well... and of course, my husband REFUSED !!! Actually, he went there 3 times and realized he was not crazy.

p.s. I asked him if it means I AM crazy ? He did not answered yet...


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I am. I'm only 20 but have been living with my partner for almost a year now. We have been together for 4 years in total, and met in a psychiatric hospital! It always seems amazing that we found each other in such an odd place. We have been through so much shit together, but we've always managed to get through it, and we've never had any problems with the relationship, even thought circumstances (Being stuck in the ward, and then Long distance once we got out) have made it tricky. I love her completely, and she makes me happy enough to get up every day and try my best even in spite of my depression.
Yes, I am just an insecure person, and my partner is a prat at times, but its never done maliciously. He just doesnt know how to think :laugh:

But yeah, i love him, warts and all, and he somehow loves me, and he knows me too well, cant hide anything from him, which is a good thing in situations we can get into.
he makes me feel safe.

those are the possitives.
these are mixed with day in day out me saying hes going to leave me, the constant fear he will leave, that im not what he wants. He doesnt have a clue what to do when i do a general grumpy thing, such as say im going to go somewhere on my own after a mini tantrum (the avaerage woman generally wants to be walked after anyway) so that makes me get grumpier, but he does his own thing when he cops on to try fix it.

But generally, I am happy in this relationship. I know theres love and care here under it all. i just am pertrified of it being taken from me, because of life experiences before him.

We've been together 7years. :)


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Even though my current Fuck Buddy has told me that she is now looking for a proper boyfriend and once she finds it I'm out the door.
No. She is making me feel horrible right now. She says that we are okay but she doesn't want to hold my hand or have any physical interaction. In about 3 weeks she is leaving to go traveling and then home. I have booked my annual return flight back with work to go to see her as she wanted to show me her country. Now I wish I never booked the flight and home myself to see my friends. Everyone I work with will be leaving soon, Ill be here by myself for a few weeks with no one to talk to waiting to leave to visit her. I'm not sleeping well, my appetite is non existent, I'm always feeling down. Don't know what to do.....

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