Are you happy now?

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    Reality twists and turns
    As you pull the threads
    Manipulating and lying
    Your way to the end

    I chose to leave for a reason
    I never felt all that safe
    With you and your abusive boyfriend
    It was all too much to take

    You've lost me now
    Your little sis
    She's gone away
    She won't be missed

    I've gone through it all
    From anger to sadness
    Your words keep repeating
    "Just fuck off in your madness"

    There's one thing I must ask
    At the end of it all
    Did you ever care
    That I had begun to fall?

    Battered and broken
    From the inside out
    No-one understands
    There's no doubt

    There's not just two people
    In a domestic violent situation
    What help is there for the witness
    In all these complications?

    Are you happy now that I've gone?
    You've tried to drag me back in
    Tattered and torn

    I'm clinging to the edge
    I don't want to fall
    But for you my dear sis
    I'd give it all

    Are you happy now?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.