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Are You Male or Female ?


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Most member whom I think were male turns out to be female while most member whom I think were female turns out to be male. I am curious to know whether any member I am talking is male or female.Please also mention your age.
So, everyone please reply to my thread.

For me, I am male. Age - 34.


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H'mM.?! ;) I'll give you a hint: *it was either 'This,' (for a UserName_)* or - MyFairLady! / LittleMissSunshine. :D
I'm only teasing. . . Of course, I am, sadly (or Not? / All-just-depending!) :) As the name States; or implies.
I am so bad at this game, too --I can't tell you the number of times I have been wrong (not that it matters, or makes much of a difference, it's just a funny thing to be incorrect about; as it changes the perspective; prism; or lens, with which we maybe view their words. . . Or, I dunno Why?!) about some one. And in some cases - it's been maybe many months, or even years, where I've thought one thing: only to be later discovered and found out the exact opposite has been the case (all along). I guess I don't really care all that much--just an interesting thing to have of note; or make note of~ ...;)

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