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    NO, I am not OKAY. I am not okay when you ask me what is wrong constantly. Maybe what is wrong, why I am not okay, is that you are constantly asking me what is wrong. Maybe nothing is wrong. Maybe I was fine before you said something was wrong. Maybe I would be fine if you didn't keep questioning me, but I can't be angry, because you are just trying to help. You are just CONCERNED.

    Let me ask YOU a question:
    What came first? The illness or the diagnosis?

    I honestly don't know.
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    Thanks for the hug. I feel like everyone is constantly telling me that I should be happy or telling me that it's a beautiful day. Maybe those people are happy, maybe it is a beautiful day for them, but they shouldn't force it on me. They can't just make me happy or make me feel that the day is good just because they say I should be or say it is.

    In fact, these comments make me feel WORSE than I already do because I feel like I am supposed to be a certain way and that I am wrong for feeling otherwise. As if the pain wasn't enough then there is the guilt over having the pain.

    I AM NOT happy today. I am scared and lonely and unsure of everything. That should be okay, but people make me think it is not and now I feel even worse.
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    Hiyas! Big hugs to you :hug: :hugs:

    Could you ask those people in a nice mannerly way to NOT ask you questions like that because you'd prefer not to answer them or because they are a constant reminder of something. You need not to tell them why just ask them not to ask you. Hugs to you and hope today was a decent enough day for you.
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    I suppose that I could ask them that in a nice mannerly way. I wonder what their response will be. If it comes up again I may try. I have had some decent days lately, thank you for your advice, kindness, and concern.
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    You are very welcome. I wish you all the best. This site will always be available for you as a healthy outlet for you.