are you or are you not?

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  1. lurktheshadows

    lurktheshadows Well-Known Member

    you became infatuated with an extraneous appendage of the whole
    and left me faltering
    believing that this was redemptory
    but it was your own guilt that voraciously carved my mind
    a penance so welcome I finally felt a soul
    burgeoning within me

    it was over, as soon as the primordial lust for survival left our spirits neglected:

    why must I be confined to these revolting organs?
    they churn and mute the objects of my affection
    the eyes tint the world gray
    and beckon me away
    to my reclusive sea

    I allow the parasitic visions to split me;
    the duality smacking as a set of lips settling
    on an unwelcome phrase
    shearing your skin with precision;
    a reluctant insult fearing collision

    we ended the moment I moved and:

    the apologies drip from me like nervous condensation
    and into your river flows my desired reconciliation
    but you flow past and wither
    because you forgot to look back

    I demand my own erosion
    so that you may gag on my putrified love
    and bathe in the stench of my demise

    your lungs await the ashes
    of me, of you; of the pieces you left within me

    someday you'll ask yourself
    why you feel a nameless oppressive yearning
    your sanity leeching into a barren, apathetic populace
    and you will realize
    I am gone.
  2. Domo

    Domo Well-Known Member

    You are amazing, Frey. I'm quite speechless.

    I believe in you.
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