Are you scared?

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K I don't wanna bore everyone ranting on about why I want to do suicide but I want to know how many of you want to actually do this but are afraid to?

Lets be honest it the fear of the unknown that keeps you from taking your own life? I sit and ponder for what seems like hours at a time just wondering what will be after death. Would my consciousness fade away or would I remain conscious but be in another dimension? then there is the question of God. I worry that if I was to commit suicide then God would send me somewhere undesirable which sounds terrifying but I guess the whole Heaven and Hell debate is probably for another forum.

Are you people just scared of the unknown? pls just say.


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Kinda, I've never really been religious, but I guess some part of me worries about hell. Mostly though I'm worried about what might happen if I fail. So much can go wrong.


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Welcome to the forum.. and although i hear you don't want to write here about the reasons behind why you're thinking a lot about suicide, I wonder if it woud help?

But to answer your question.. yes the uncertainty is one of the reasons I wouldn't/couldn't end my life. Not only that but i've found actually going through with suicide and succeeding so much harder than i thought.. so i'd be scared of not succeeding and making my life even worse! But yes the unknown, who knows whether heaven/hell exist.. and to be honest if hell exists it's not really a place Id like to spend eternity. Hmm yes maybe this is a debate for the 'Soap Box' subforum!?

Anyway i hope you feel able to write here more about what's going on for you that's brought you to such desperation, if you want to that is :)

Take care
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