Are you so selfish you can't even comprehend why I'm mad?

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    I have daddy issues, to say the least. If I had to choose the parent that understood me the most, it'd be my dad. I refuse to talk to him, though, and I haven't talked to him for weeks. I miss him incredibly, but I'm a rotten daughter and a stubborn bitch, so it's a sore spot. That brings me to now, where this is the first Christmas where I haven't talked to my dad at all, and the first Christmas without my sister. My mum has had her boyfriend for almost a year, and she's convinced he's the one since they've known each other 5 years. I won't deny they're both head over heels for each other, and they are perfect together, and I've found a friend in his son, but I don't want him here for Christmas morning. Mom understood when I didn't want to put his daughter's ornament on our tree (when my sister wasn't here to, why should some 5th grader that's been acting bitchy for my own mother paying attention to me instead of her), so why doesn't she get why I'm upset?

    Am I in the wrong here? She said I was being rude, irrational, and inconsiderate, and "how dare I be so cruel?".

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    *hug* How long have you felt this frustrated? Are other things in your life making you frustrated too?
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    I'm a little confused.
    Is your Mother annoyed with you because you have said you don't want her boyfriend in the house for christmas morning?
    Does he live in the house or is he just a guest?

    Because I think she should take the time to understand about this being your first christmas without your father - explain it to her in that respect. But also try and see where she herself is coming from.
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    @Aurora Gory: He's a guest periodically.

    @deferred dream: I'm often frustrated and upset. I detailed all of it in my post in Suicide Forum a week or so ago.
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    its the first x mas i have not spoken to my dad too, so if u ever wanna talk jsut drop me a PM as i understnad how hard it can be :/ see u around. hope ur ok :hug:
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    Thanks :biggrin: