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Are you there?


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I'm a chinese,so my english not so good,sorry for this
Hi there, welcome to SF. What's going on?
In april,I committed suicide but failed.and after this,I have been recuperating at home,in this time, I feel not good,just like something is pulling me down.
I think I need some advice to help me back to society.


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I'm sorry you're not doing well. I have never attempted, but I know others here have. It's understandable it would take some time to recover from that. Are you seeing a therapist or anything?


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Ah, yeah it's especially hard right now to find someone. Well you can talk to us at least *hug

Do you want to say more about what's going on or how you're feeling?

Sometimes all we can do is take one day at a time, and try to do something small that's in a positive direction, because those small things can add up. It's a positive thing you came to talk here. It can be helpful to talk with people who get it.


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Hello @Exia__

Welcome to the forum. Don't worry about your English, it is fine, there's no judgment here.

Do you want to talk about why you wanted to commit suicide or is that something too personal?

Feel free to tell us more about yourself, we're here to help, listen and offer friendship & support. *hug
Hello @Exia__. Welcome to the forums. There's no worry about your English, it seems pretty good so far. There is a "Support Around the World" part of the forum where you could post in Chinese if you wanted (although it's easier to get help in English). Google Translate can also be a useful tool.

I'm sorry you're feeling bad at the moment. It sounds like you're struggling with depression. I'm not sure what the situation is like in China or wherever you reside, but have you managed to talk to a doctor about this? I know you said you couldn't find a therapist, but a doctor could be a good place to start for medication or therapy options. Would you like to say a bit more about what is going on for you?

Stay safe. I hope you can feel a bit better soon. Sending hugs *console.

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