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Are your fears really that scary?

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Everyone is scared of something. If your like most people your most likely scared of spiders. I am, or rather I was. Don't understand? I'll explain.:chin:

Since the day I was born I was terrified of spiders, I've no idea why, but I was.
Living in a condo infested with them didn't help ether. I can clearly remember waking up in the middle of the night to be cover in them!:eek: (Fear Factor anyone?) This made my fears worsen to the point I would throw up at the sight of them. So how did I "concur" my fear? Simple! I picked one up. That's it. Literally, that's all I did...I picked it up and watched it crawl up and down my arm and tried my hardest not to flip out or squish it.:D Why would I do that one would ask well that's and easy answer. I was curious? Nope. I was bored. (As I most always am...) I started with picking up one spider, then every time I saw one I forced myself to ether pick it up or pet it...poke it? Sounds stupid, I know, but next time you see a spider just try and touch it and see if you can over come your fear the way I did. Remember this though Do not start small! Smaller spiders are more likely to be venomous.:irony:


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Phobias are not based on logic. So to the person, yes it really is that scary.

Good on you for getting over it though.
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