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Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by rd9671, Jun 29, 2007.

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    Am I the only one who really hates this particular advertising banner?
    I would think that with all of the sensitivity to "triggers' and such that this one would be an obvious thing. Oh and here is another...."Are you the worlds best mom? Take our parenting style quiz". I have enough issues, I don't need to be reminded that I lack in the parenting area and I don't stand up to scrutiny in this area.
    I understand that this site needs to have the advertising to support itself, but come on..... isn't there anything else to advertise on the banners?
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    Most of the time i try not to even look at the banner ads. I know that some to me are questionable at best. Thanks for letting us know how you feel about them. :hug:
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    I absolutely agree that some of the ads really are atrocious... and that ad really is an attack on one's self esteem! :mad:
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    I agree that this type of banner is not helpful or supportive on this website. Thank you for bringing it to our attention... I will make sure Robin is aware of this advert, as I believe that it is possible to block specific adverts. I'll get back to you :) :hug:
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    There's no way to pre-emptively block the crap ads however we can block ads that appear inappropriate for the forum as we have done in the past. If you see an ad we can easily block it but I do need a screenshot or at least the url of where the ad points to as shown in the ad (clicking on it can sometimes take you to a different url) Let me know the urls of the ads you don't like and I will ban them from appearing on the site :)
    Thx :)
  6. rd9671

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    Thank you so much for addressing the issue. I thought that I may be the only one that had an issue. But again thank you and if there is anything else I will take the necessary steps to get you the info you need.
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