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argh, i cant

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they are so bad, i dont know how much longer i can keep holding on (not that i ahve anything left to hold on to-everything is slipping away from me :sad: )
what did i do to deserve this?
i just wanna hide :hiding:
sorry, but i jsut cant anymore x

:sorry: to the person who knows who they are x
Hun, i sent you a PM earlier explaining some things. I'll still be around. You can email me on my current email adress or get in touch with me on my phone number. If you text i can't allways gaurentee that i'll be able to get back to you until i set up my other number and get some credit. But i am here for you and you know that :hug:


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Please dont do anything Sam. :sorry: for how things worked out. :hug: :hug: :hug: Think of your nan and your family :smurf: Can you really justify doing this to them? I am still your friend, assuming you want to know me that is? :hug: Take care. :hug:
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