Argh! So I've lost my 2 best friends, what do you think?

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Well... I posted what happened last week in the after effects forum. Basically just over a week ago I overdosed while I was at uni it was unsuccessful (duh!) and I am now at home taking a year out. I was forced out of my flat by my 'best friend' she didnt want me living with her anymore as I was clearly a danger or she was responsible or some shit. Whatever, but I'm home now. I haven't heard one word of her until today when I tell her I'm coming up to the flat at the weekend to move out my stuff and I would like her to leave the things she borrowed - clothes etc, on my bed so I can take it home. Next thing she blows her top saying I fucked her over and now she has nowhere to live and she doesn't owe me anything...

I was like uhhhh stunned!! I hadn't a clue what to say. It was so stupid... I wasn't asking her for a favour! I also haven't fucked her over... believe it or not but me overdosing had NOTHING to do with her. Argh! I feel like shouting self-centred bitch but maybe that's me?! I'm so confused... she lives with another person how hard is it to find one more to replace me??? There's no need to sell it... stupid cow...

Maybe I'm wrong in this I don't know but this was my best friend. And now I feel SO lonely, I have no friends.
Hun, you are not responsible for your flatmates difficulties. Maybe things didn't work out the way that it was intended to be, but she is still responsible for herself and her actions. I am glad you had somewhere else you could go. I hope you are staying safe. Please take care of yourself. :hug:


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yuo know what, would recomend some shiuting, it isnt alway a bad thing to shout...adn this person sounds like they diserv ti royaly, i am not saying scream and yelll and generaly throw a tantrume but atlest get it off your chest to them...will do you more good in the long run...
yeah I know she deserves it... afterall, she said to me - you have no idea what anyone else is going through! *ehem* yes because I am having a wonderful big party at home here!!! WTF! I'm in pieces. Oh jeez.

Only problem is I'm terrible with confrontation and she LOVES it. Seriously even before anything happened if there was a minor difference of opinion on anything with anyone she was always right. It's not a nice characteristic in a person. I hate people who always think they're right and then FORCE it on you. Holy moly it's why its called an opinion - everyone's allowed one!
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