ARGH, !%$^*%$ !! u_u

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  1. Escapist

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    This has to FREAKING stop. Every damn time, I am online to relax, and just be there to HELP OUT. I get yelled at, people accuse me of freaking crap that isn't even god damn true yet they insist it being true!?

    I tried writing some letter, but I just couldn't. BECAUSE EITHER it gets ignored, or it will get seen as some distorted twisted sick fuck addiction, or i'm desperate!

    You said you'd do this, and that. How come it's not happening?


    As soon as I'm online I get yelled at, insulted or asked to help. Yet they never bother to even ask how I am!? =/
    I'm forced to hate her. It's not funny anymore. Because I don't hate her at all.

    I'll just freaking deal with it, freaking game of them. -__-
  2. lonercarrot

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    I'd like to comment or understand but this is all so vague =S
    When I would go online, people blocked me or didn't respond. So I don't go on msn anymore. That's also why I don't make threads in forums I frequent or go in chatrooms
  3. Escapist

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    Sorry. It is indeed a bit vague now i've read it over. x_x
    It's okay now though, I just wanted to release some anger by writing this. I rather write something like this than insult my ex. Hope that makes it a bit clearer.

    My apologies to have wasted your time with my vagueness.