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    this fucking sucks, i dont have the energy for any of this! i just dont want to be here anymore!!

    I cant stop thinking about killing myself, i dont want to, but i cant think of anything else and i dont have the energy for anything else either!

    i am such a ridiculous person! and everyone thinks so... and i think so and i just want to end it all and get out and i have never thought about it this much before... have tried before but they were more spare of the moment things... i havent stopped thinking about it for over a week now...

    i hate this so so much!!!


    i am supposed to be going to see my therapist a week tomorro and i dont even want to do that because it seems so so pointless!

    i'm so confused and in pain and hurting....



    oh, and to top it all off, i have just been told by someone, who i thought was a good friend, that the only reason he talks to me anymore is cos he wants to fuck me... and that by acting like he actually likes me as a friend he thinks he will be able to get into my pants but that he doesnt actually give a shit about me... cheers for that! pft
    story of my life

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    No matter how pointless or hopeless it seems going to that appointment, you should still go cuz it will be of help to you in some form.