Arghh! Miss My Nan So Much

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  1. I really miss my Nan. both of them .. my mums mum died of cancer when i was just 8, but i was too young to understand but recently i've begun to wonder 'what if she was still here' 'she was too young to go' etc. and i dunno how to control it. my dads mum only recently died just over 8 months ago and to me it still feels like yesterday. i cant stop thinking about her and some times i think shes still in hospital and i can see her anytime i want.. but i cant. i wish i could stop thinking this coz i jus wanna be with her and its causin me to harm myself and be depressed. i just wish someone would help me.
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    Sweetie I don't know where you are with this just now but wanted you to know that because of the love your mum and nan had for you, they have left a legacy of caring and concern.
    Your mum and nan may noy be here and though it's not the quite the same. there are lots and lots of people like me willing and happy to support you. Be brave, you have already survived so much and been strong enough to ask for help. Much love to you, blossom.