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    I rarely come on here anymore because I'm usually fine these days, but I need to vent somewhere. I have no clue if this in the right posting area :S

    I haven't cut in a year. I feel like doing it now to calm down. I've been crying so much this evening that my eyes are red, I've cried all my make up off, and it's given me a headache.

    I feel so angry and down. There's no point in cutting but I feel like thats the only way I'll calm down temporarily. it's silly, theres nothing that bad thats happened but its still upset me.

    one thing being uni. I cant deal with all these long essay every week. its drives me nuts and half the time I find it very hard writing. uni itself annoys me. everyone in august/sept were so sure i'd make tons of friends etc but I've only made one and im sick of feeling inferior to everyone else cause theyre so smart and pretty.

    second thing, which may sound stupid, but we "know" a lovely stray cat who we've been feeding etc but he doesnt get on with our own cat :/ my mum's solution is to ignore him and stop feeding him / letting him in :( I dont want to stop seeing him though :'( we got into an argument about it this morning.

    ahhhhfdfdfsdfsd. I hate these depressing winter months. its not like these things will just magically sort themselves out and everything will be fine again, I dont want to be sad all winter. :|

    and then I see people make friends and seem to have perfect lives and its like life's rubbing it in my face that im not as perfect as that >:|

    any suggestions on how to calm down without self harming :/ ?
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    Hi and so glad you posted instead of harming yourself...often times, the ppl we think feel so good about themselves, are so pretty and smart, feel exactly as you do...we just think they feel better because we do not know how to treat ourselves with more compassion...most ppl struggle during the uni years, and we all feel so lost and alone (even the ones in groups, in fact, sometimes they feel more lonely because they are around a crowd of ppl they do not relate too)...spend your energy on yourself and do not look at what others are doing/ have one good friend...s/he is worth a million...see if there are clubs or organizations which you might like and maybe you can find ppl there to befriend...keep posting and please treat yourself deserve your caring...J