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    Not knowing what’s going to happen
    Not knowing what’s to be for told
    Everything doesn’t make sense
    Nothing seems to be what it really seems

    We all wear masks
    To cover up the insecurites
    We all wear our masks
    To hide what’s really wrong
    These masks melt into our skin
    And the stench fills our noses
    We know the shit stinks.. but we still continue to mask it.

    Selfish needs turn into selfish deeds
    Self satisfaction turns out to be more than just a lie
    Anything done by you has done nothing for everyone
    Struggling to cover up all the flaws and errors
    Turns everything ugly and dark

    Unable to stop this snowball
    That has been forthcoming from miles away
    Eventually it will hit.. and it has
    Leaving nothing but devastation and unanswered questions

    I’m confused by your actions
    I don’t understand your actions
    I can’t justify your actions
    Your actions justified who you really are

    There’s too many secrets in this
    Half truths are told
    While lies are embelished
    It all runs together…
    Into the same unexpendable hole
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