arrested falsely and assualted.....cant stop laughing

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  1. bhawk

    bhawk Well-Known Member

    well hello people, long night and very interesting story!!!

    Walking back from having a couple of pints i saw a road closed off. Curious as to why i asked a female officer why the road was cordoned off, she said it was none of my business and to keep walking or id be arrested for drunk and disorderly....when she said that she also got on the radio to her superior, immediately a male officer walked around the corner and said i had to go. i said i only asked a question and had he heard of and wasnt interested in any investigation that might be going on. he said i had to the count of 5 to leave the area, he counted "one" then immediately arrested me without reading my rights or explaining why i was being arrested, he then told my partner that he wasnt in a good mood cos there had been a murder (hmmm giving away information) while i was in the back of the police van i slipped my handcuffs round my feet and to my front and rang 999, i told them id been falsely arrested and was not given any explanation, they asked were i was and while i was telling them the police opened the van and heared what i was doing, dragged me out of the van and told me to let go of my phone, i said repeatedly i would put my phone in my pocket, at which point one male officer to my right then said "right you" and started laying into me and kneeing me!
    they (the 3 officers assaulting me) rived the phone from my hand, luckily it will have all been recorded by the recipients of the phone call. i was then thrown into the back of another van and driven to the police station, while sat in te back i then managed to slip the cuff of my right wrist! as the vehicle was stationary i knocked on the back door and informed them that the cuffs werent on right and he needed to cuff me properly, he opened the door and put them on properly again, i asked him if i could have water, a basic of human life. he said ok but when we say, i asked how long it would be to which he replied how longs a piece of string, so i said he was denying me my human rights as the "piece of string" could be 3 days or even 3 months away! while sat there i asked him who he worked for, his answer was "the queen", so i asked who he worked for, his reply being "ive worked for the queen since before you were born mate, she works for NOONE!!!"
    then while being led into the station i asked them under what statute i was being arrested, their reply being "drunk and disorderly", i again asked under what statute and again got drunk and disorderely and i didnt need to know what statute i was being arrested under!!!
    at the desk the woman asked another officer why i was arrested, she said i was being disorderely, i piped up that i simply asked a question and was falsley arrested and that the officers claims were false.
    i asked why my human rights had been ignored to which another officer burst out laughing, i looked at him and asked why human rights were funny and if he thought world war 2 was indeed nothing but a farce, he ignored me and walked off. i again asked under what statute i was being arrested and was again told it didnt matter, at which point i then refused to answer personal questions. So i was took to a cell and told to wear a paper suit.
    while sat there i started making origami boats from toilet roll, then decided to lick my hand and stick the toilet roll to the wall in the shape of TPUC.ORG, also placing it on the floor to write "who do you work for"
    Every time the officer came down to check the cells i asked for my medication to which he said "your to drunk to know what you want" (i had only had 2 pints in the whole day, i was not staggering, stuttering. i was clearly coherent and able to know what was going on)
    after a few hours i was pulled out the cell and took back to the desk, while there the woman behind the desk said to me "so you were given ample opportunity to leave yet you were obstructive" so i looked across at the arresting officer and stared at him and said "false, i was given a timespan of the count of 5 yet was falsely arrested on the first count" to which he looked and said "i know" (all on camera luckily) they said they were going to take my prints, i asked if they would be deleted if i was not convicted to which they said no. I asked if they knew about the cases that went to the European court of human rights and proved that it was in breach of our human rights if they kept it, their reply was "we dont care about that malarky!
    the arresting officer also sat and said i was being a dickhead, he had just been looking at a man with his guts out and he couldnt be doing with me treating him like a thicket (again releasing information i didnt even ask for which should surely be kept quiet as the investigation was still active). i explained i have only asked fair questions and he looked at me and said "fine then lets disagree to agree" i seriously had to stop myself laughing! he wasnt sure how to work the machine so asked me to stand their and while he was away i saw the name highlighted on the screen was "peter griffin" and again i burst into laughter, being a big fan of family guy :lol:
    then after i was took to the desk and they said they would read me my rights! the arresting officer started to say it but then halfway through tripped on his words and didnt even mumble the remaining bit! again all on camera :D they told me i had an £80 fine or i could take it to court, he looked at me poking his chest and said "if you think you were being an idiot, in here then just pay it, only you know.
    through it all i still wasnt informed what legislation i was arrested under.
    i was released at about 6 in the morning and i am now going to take this to court as the whole thing was a farce, i was denied human rights, was not breathalised to check if i was indeed intoxicated, they broke so many rules it is hilarious.
    plus my thigh is hurting like mad.....
    so all in all a good night i havent stop laughing yet. the look on their faces when they realised i was ringing the cops on them from the back of their own van! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. Hae-Gi

    Hae-Gi Banned Member

    I'm glad you're able to laugh it off. I'd be murderous after such an event.

    You definitely should go to the media about this. There sure is a lot to your story. Are there any decent newspapers in the UK? Otherwise, at least be sure to go to and e-mail them your story... they take things like this more seriously than most. However, they are a tiny news outlet, and not British or at least European, to add, but American, so hopefully you will get this published in some British newspapers, so a publication may make some difference and not just fuel the hatred to the world among the small group of people who get their news from alternate sources that few take notice of. Good luck with everything, and don't give up on getting back at those pieces of shit.
  3. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    wow..that is ridiculous!! I agree with hae-gi, email your story to the media :D

    Then we'll see who's laughing!!
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I really do hate cops i do they are nothing but power controlling asses. they are to protect ahahahahah they do nothing but harm andhurt and make fun of the less fortunate i guess not all cops but most yes I wish you could put your phone call on tv or something that would look good on them
  5. Issaccs

    Issaccs Well-Known Member

    This doesnt quite add up in my eyes but if its true then I'll look forward to hearing about it in the papers.
  6. Hae-Gi

    Hae-Gi Banned Member

    What makes you say that? I can see no reason to question his story.

    And don't bet on that he'll manage to get it into even one, smaller newspaper. Reasonably small events that happen to regular people just isn't something that most want to hear about. What is much more important to read about by most is the Obama family's new dog, some celebrity's new boyfriend or girlfriend, some sports star's self-inflicted injury or whatever else unimportant that the media decides to attend to and make sound important to the little minds of the world.
  7. wibble

    wibble Well-Known Member

    Mate, the Sun would pay you for your story I reckon, get them rung up. They might be low brow, but their widly read.

    I found you the number, just write the e-mail

    The address is
  8. Chargette

    Chargette Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. You lightened my load today with your humorous description of how you called them from the back of their own van. I loved the part abut the Origami. Good Job!

    I'd love to hear about how it goes in court.
  9. bhawk

    bhawk Well-Known Member

    what doesnt add upp about it? i have many witnesses and have even been to solicitors today (which stated very little could normally happen in this case) for which i am now arguing section 11 (a) of the human rights act 1998, which allows me to name common law as the jurisdiction which i fall under and prosecute the police officers ,most notably PC FENWICK from Durham constabulary. they contravened not only PACE codes but also Human Rights Act, the European Convention of Human Rights and European Declaration of Human Rights, to not think this adds up really does show a naivity to the world which will quickly be dispelled within several encounters with our "Protectors".

    All i did was attempt to ask a question from one of OUR civil servants, the result was degrading, and persecution for nothing more than an £80 ticket which i am now contesting!
    As one of the police force admitted.....The police do NOT work for the people!
  10. bhawk

    bhawk Well-Known Member

    i meant Universal Declaration of Human rights....along with the european...
  11. confusedgirl

    confusedgirl Well-Known Member

    Durham police are always always always on power trips!!!! This post made me laugh so much! Whens the court thingy? I would love to hear about this in the good old nothern echo! I think u should consider selling your story! :)
  12. ashes_away

    ashes_away Well-Known Member

    what I find hilarious is when you finally mentioned in your post you had had "only" 2 pints in the whole day.LOL. Funny.
  13. bhawk

    bhawk Well-Known Member

    i normally have 3-5 a day. plus id been to a club and only had one pint while i was there (one earlier in the day too) and was not effected by it in any way, not only that buti seemed more coherent than the police officers, they did not know what statute i was being arrested under, nor did they even understand the PACE codes, which i have spoke to them about and they seriously dont have a clue, apparently i know more about their job than they do!

    Currently im still in the process of filing the complaint and so far have 3 pages of pace codes which they broke (for anyone not within the UK PACE codes are the codes of conduct for the police, taken from the Police And Criminal Evidence act) i am reporting not only to the police but also the IPCC (independant police complaints comission) although i dont hold much hope for them taking action as theyve proven themselves to be useless many times in the past for me.

    It will go to court were i have decided to represent myself, no solicitor.
    I cant wait and i am rather excited about showing them up.
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