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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by bereft9, Feb 28, 2016.

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  1. bereft9

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    For a long time I've had trouble "doing things." I think it may be due to depression. But when I moved in with my mom, to help her out, NOT doing things was not an option. (When I had insurance, before moving in with mom, my psychiatrist gave me Provigil. It was a miracle worker. Then I lost my job and lost my insurance, and the cheap doctors I went to wouldn't give me a prescription for it.) So there I was at mom's with no Provigil and no way to do things to help her, so I started taking her pain pills. They helped tremendously; I got all kinds of things accomplished. That was autumn 2012. So, for almost 4 years, I've been taking her pills off and on. Now my brain is probably totally screwed up from them. We have company coming in 3 weeks, and I CAN'T DO A D**N THING. Mom has hidden the pills from me. I would love to move away because living with her, between her emotional & verbal abuse, and the pills, is killing me. I wouldn't even mind going to rehab, as long as it would help my depression & physical health, too. But I don't have a way to pay for rehab, and the free government rehabs won't be what I need. Plus, someone else would have to take care of mom, and the dog. Yes, it's doable, but I am in no shape to do it. I am far too depressed. What a mess.
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    huge hug hun i thik the best part of this is that u want to go to rehab i think u need to seek professhional help feel free to pm me i neeed a chat my name is aimee
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    I am so sorry to hear that. You're strong for realizing you need to stop with the pills. Realizing your problem is the first step and one of the hard ones to take.

    I have gone cold turkey on a pain medication addiction as a teenager without, it was hard work, I won't lie there. I wish I had help, But I really am happy I went through with it.

    Can you seek any funds or foundations, charities? churches to help you pay for proper therapy and rehab to get you out of this? Please try to ask around for that. You can even try contacting a rehab clinic and ask them how to go about that.

    You deserve to get better hun *hugs*
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