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    Where do I start? 18 and schizophrenic my life is over! Depressed and suicidal also a self harmer. I'm also developing signs of bulimia.

    Hate my life all I do all day is sit and drink tea and sleep. I do things at night but I get no satisfaction from them. I have no friends and my family piss me off.

    I haven purpose in life. People say I am attractive but I'm not. I don't have a boyfriend. I want to die.
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    Did you know there are doctors who have schizophrenia with meds they are able to go on with their lives their dreams. Medication today are so much more better then they were. You can do anything once you are stabilized okay. Don't give up Purpose try doing a volunteer job at a humane society or nursing home or other jobs just to get you out of the house and to show you that you can do whatever you want It is not the end okay keep pushing forward:hugtackles::hugtackles: