Arrgh, sister!

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    My sister has been driving me nuts. She always goes into these huge long rants assuming everyone agrees with her, mostly about the entertainment industry in general, lately about American Idol in particular(there's a REASON I don't watch it, don't give me play-by-plays! Also, there are millions of people who do watch it, my cousin for one. Why can't she discuss it with her? :mad:) We have differences in opinion about the arts. I believe that the arts are there to let out our emotions and to show aspects of society as they really are, hopefully in order to effect change for the better. She just views them as entertainment. Whenever we go to see a play or movie, even if she liked it, she'll go on for hours how she could have done it better and all the things she thought were wrong with it. She loves politics. I am SICK of politics because of her. She's constantly talking about them, and anyone who doesn't agree with her, beware. She drags politics into everything. I was listening to some music, and she said, "Why are you listening to this? One of the members is republican." Okay, the music has NOTHING to do with politics, and I couldn't care less if they were republican, just so long as I enjoy their music. If I don't enjoy it, I don't listen to it. She's very impatient. Our family went out to dinner tonight to Chipotle, which, for those who aren't familiar, is kind of like fast food but healthy and tastes good. After about 20 minutes, both she and I were done our food, my mom was finishing, and my dad and other sister were halfway done. She said "Okay, we should go now", when my dad and other sister clearly weren't done. Fortunately my parents didn't let her force us to go right then. She also has this habit just in general of suddenly snapping at people for no reason. When she does it to my mom, it sets off a big fight, when she does it to my other sister or me, we shut ourselves into our music and if my mom's around, she'll yell at my sister, again starting a fight. It's gotten to the point where I can't stand being around her, I feel like I have trouble breathing. She has no respect for my personal space. When we're sitting next to each other, she'll try to lean on me, or play with my hair, or hold my hand. Or worse, she'll just start poking me. Arrrrgh!!!
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    sisters and girls are like that. they like to vent, don't want criticism or solutions, and expect you to listen.

    get used to it. :unsure:

    don't get me wrong, i agree with you. hopefully with age she will mature. my sister was a terror as a child, but is now an amazingly good person.
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    Actually, she's 26.:blink:
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    you're screwed :biggrin:

    lol jk, she's still young....but maybe her personality just collides with yours. my dad and aunt are like that.